Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cambridge - the Pyrex Capital of Canada?

Today, we took a day trip to beautiful Cambridge, Ontario.
It's difficult to take a bad photo in this town. Everywhere you look, you see old churches and limestone houses. They've done a better job of preserving their buildings than Toronto.

Oh yes, and they happen to have the best antique market that I've come across within an hour's drive of Toronto. It's called Southworks. As the sign says, it's filled with over 30,000 square feet of collectables. We'd been there before, but I hadn't become a Pyrex collector. This time it was different.It didn't take long for my Pyrex radar to go off. I was scared to look at the prices, but you know what? They were reasonable, considering it wasn't a thrift store.
There were so many other treasures. If I had unlimited funds and a huge house, I could have easily bought many other items. Check out these old time leather photo albums.
A very old enamel colander.
Barber's chair
Very old Pyrex science lab kit.

I know, I know. Contain yourselves. I'm really regretting the fact that I didn't pick up the Delphite (?) fridgies. One was $8 and the other was $10. By the time I got to them, I'd already amassed a few pieces. The workers clued into my Pyrex quest and began telling me about Pyrex locations. They also took my heavy loads to the counter for me. Talk about service!
I didn't realize that there was a Friendship casserole dish in this oval shape. I think it was $16 and pretty scuffed up, so I didn't buy it. Underneath was something unremarkable and pricey. Possibly a solid blue casserole.
Here are the aforementioned fridgies. I'll cry myself to sleep tonight.
Does anyone know what this is? It looked like it had survived one too many runs in the dishwasher to be worth the money. Shame.
So here's what I did buy. Before we even hit the antique market, we went to the Cambridge Value Village. They had a few Pyrex pieces I already had, but I scored this Spring Blossoms divided dish for $7.99. The cashier told me she like it. That's never happened in Toronto. Maybe we should move to Cambridge.
I did get these two red fridgies and a longed for Butterprint fridgie. Each cost $8.
I also bought this pretty Horizon Blue 409 (or 407) Cinderella bowl for $10.00.
YES! I thought this day would never come - the 444 Butterprint (4 qt) bowl for $10.00. I thought it was worth it.

I couldn't resist this little blue 409 for $4.00.
And more Spring Blossoms. This 402 bowl was $7.00.
Last but not least, we've got two of these Atomic Age drinking glasses which I bought for next to nothing at Value Village in Toronto last year. Because I had bought those for such a small amount of money, I didn't mind forking out $5 each for these. At least we have a small set now.

How was your thrifting/antiquing weekend?


  1. Looks like you discovered a vintage Mecca not far from your home! Small town vintage shopping is always a fun adventure. Love thee atomic glasses you found and the fridge dishes. I definitely would have bought the photo album with the mountie on it!

  2. Road trips are the best - especially when there's antique markets involved!! You made great choices on your purchases - fridgies with lids - lucky! And - a Butterprint - nice!! I'm sure you have been staring at all your wares for the better part of the evening! I have a leather hankie case with snap - like the leather items you saw - it says Handkerchiefs and has an Aboriginal in full head dress on the face of it.

  3. Wowsers! Awesome haul Erin! I saw the blue divided dish in an antique store once and it was in beautiful perfect condition but insanely expensive. I think it is called Golden Medallion? I saw a little Delphite fridgie this weekend at VV but I left it because it had that sad dishwasher-worn dull look to it. $3 with no lid...

    Congrats on the Butterprint and all!

  4. Nice finds! Too bad the gold topped one wasn't in better condition. It looks like an interesting pattern.

    I found a mini Pyrex 10 oz oval casserole at GW on Saturday, and a couple other cool things too.

  5. Oooh that antique market sounds like heaven to me. Fabulous Pyrex haul. Well done you!

  6. Love Southworks!! I got some butterprint for reasonable prices last time I went too. You might want to check out Freelton antique mall that is about 20 minutes east of Southworks next time you head that way. Glad you had a good trip and found some great Pyrex :)

  7. Oh my - we will be heading up to Cambridge sometime this weekend - AND I need a little cheering up!

  8. Oh what great finds! Sounds (and looks) like a great shop to hunt around in - it's a pity I live so far away :)

  9. LOVE those atomic drinking glasses- and that looks like such a groovy little antique store. Thanks for the vicarious trip through it! :)

  10. it's such a pretty town. i found my first (and only, so far) fridgie there.
    lovely finds erin!

  11. I've never seen most of that pyrex - much less all of it in one place. Probably a good thing because the top of my head would blow off :)

  12. So jealous of that Pyrex. Brilliant finds! My mum has a set of those Horizon Blue bowls (or a very similar pattern) that I just love.

  13. Southworks! My favorite antiquing spot! My hubby completed my primary bowl set from there... My daughter will be going to Waterloo in the fall - so I think I'll become one of their regulars!


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