Sunday, June 19, 2011

Taking One for the Team

While visiting Daddy-o for Father's Day yesterday, I was lucky enough to score this not-so-common Pueblo promo casserole dish, that comes with a cradle. It was only $5.00. The lid slipped out of my hands and I had to stick out my shin to cushion the otherwise lethal blow of the lid hitting the floor. I now have a bruise and a great piece of Pyrex. It's always worth a look.


  1. Oh, I totally would have done the same thing!!

    Very nice piece at a nice price.

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  3. Hey, that Bucks Landman just spammed me with real estate too!

    I had wondered about this piece. I had a lid but never found what it went to. Very cool! Sorry about your shin though. Good save!

  4. Very much worth the pain. No pain-no Pyrex gain!


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