Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bin There Dump That

Today was a pathetic yard sale day, but I'll try to write in an upbeat fashion so you keep on reading. We had arranged for a dumpster to be delivered so we could finally dispose of the remains of our kitchen which we had gutted a couple of months ago. By the time we were done, it was already past 11:00 a.m. Should I stay or should I go?
I packed Duncan into the bike seat and off we went. In our immediate neighbourhood we discovered a few random yard sales, but nothing spectacular. We had already been to the house that was selling the See no evil... monkeys (above) last year and the year before. It seems like the seller is determined to hold the same sale each year until she gets every penny she thinks all her tobacco-soaked clutter is worth. When she saw me taking a picture of the monkeys, she said, "Aren't they cute?" I wasn't quite sure how to respond, so I did my polite chuckle and changed the subject. 
Next, we hit a sale run by a retired teacher. I know this because she was selling a lot of Primary theme-unit style books and she had a rubber stamp section (I bought her "Terrific" stamp). Her books were over-priced, but I grudgingly bought some books for the class and Duncan. He's into sharks right now, so I grabbed him a shark book. She told him to choose a free toy from her Halloween section, so he grabbed this cool candy bowl with a dead hand that moves around and makes hideous noises. What a kind lady!
Duncan jammed into bike seat with creepy snack bowl filled with toy cars. 

We eventually hit the Monarch Park Street Sale. It seemed to be winding down. There, I found little to excite me. No vintage, no cool and funky things for the house, just a lot of young families selling stuff their kids had outgrown. 
One person, however, was selling bok choy and herbs. I've never seen that at a yard sale before. 

Someone else was selling a giraffe and a boxing punch bag. 

Another seller had these pearly air freshener things that I hadn't seen before. 

The air freshener people were also giving away free pregnancy advice. 

Mood music vinyl. The seller told me that this record was put out by Reader's Digest and that she remembers her parents playing it. Underneath this album was "Mellow Mood Music."

That's all folks. I hope to find better sales and goods next week. I live in hope. I'm tickled that people are reading my blog - even pals in the U.S. Please drop me a line in the comment section if you have time.


  1. I have seen those 3 monkey, but with a 4th monkey holding his had over his privates.
    just found your blog. keep up the junking.

  2. Nice blog. I love yard sales too!


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