Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sellers Losing Their Marbles

After last week's haul of vintage, today seemed a bit disappointing. In the end, the wee boy and I had a good time and managed to find a few gems. We started out on a street sale on a road that runs parallel to our street. There we found toddler/baby toys and accessories that would been great three years ago, but not much use now. We stumbled upon another street sale on a street two blocks south from our house. For some reason, everyone seemed to be selling books - academic tomes, philosophical chin-stroking snoozers, and contemporary fiction with spines that hadn't been cracked. I still found a few books that we'll get to below. Eventually, we ended up on the Danforth where we saw a white board advertising a "Gargantuan (Huge) Yard Sale" (two pics below). When we got there, we found a happy family with a beagle getting rid of random clutter. It was pretty fun.
Duncan strikes a Lady Liberty pose at the Gargantuan Yard Sale.
I took a snap of this sign last night. We didn't make it to this sale, but I was impressed by the degree of organization in their signage. They listed every single item they were selling. Who is this person? A librarian? A civil servant? A very tidy carpenter?

The most fun sale of the day.
We are, however, selling our passports, two aged cats, bone marrow, and Great Aunt Agnes. 
Surely this tag and Super 8 system must belong in a museum. When was anything made in Canada?  
Hound dog with a hang dog expression reflecting the collective sadness of our nation over the fact that we will never make our own Super 8 cameras again. 
Hot pink bongos atop a shower hose or whatever you call it. 
I found this Crüe disc in a pile of DVDs being sold by a wholesome mother of two. Perhaps she is married to a dirty headbanger, or maybe a long time ago she was a wild woman. 
This Barbie "Friend Ship" came with the bored-looking Pam Anderson Barbie (below). This is either from the '60s or '70s. I'm sure it would be worth a lot more than the $3.00 they were charging on Ebay. I didn't buy it.
After a night of heavy partying, Barbie chills in the Friend Ship kitchenette. 

Creepy talking fuzzball. They told me what it was called, but I've already forgotten. It came from a Teletubbies spin-off show. Need I say more?
More Canadiana in the form of a giant Lake Louise puzzle. 
Horrifically attired '70s people taking in scenic Lake Louise. 
At the Gargantuan Yard Sale, a current Leaf and a former Leaf bobble for business. 
Ubiquitous sombrero. Does everyone regretfully bring one of these home from Mexico?
Massive galvanized aluminum bucket of gorgeous marbles at the GYS. Duncan chose a few off the top before a woman bought the entire bucket for $5.00. It must have weighed close to one hundred pounds. She was going to take it on her bike, but had second thoughts. Bah! I could have done it.
Duncan checks out his big blue marble.
Books for our classroom, including a chi-chi Phaidon art book, two retro Choose Your Own Adventure books, an expensive looking book on Greek Mythology that cost $1.oo, and two Harry Potters. Most of these books were 10 for $1.00. Recession? What recession?
Love it.
A kindly East Yorker sold us some books and then gave Duncan this classy little boxed set of mini books on dragons. Sweet.
Side view. The A-Z Yard Sale person would be disgraced by the lack of organization. 
Duncan's book booty. 
My stash, including Nigella's huge Christmas cookbook (originally $50.00, mine for $1.00), a vintage reproduction of a very old book of Canadian wildflowers, a book of travel writing by women (.50), and a couple of squares of pretty vintage cloth (two for .50).

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