Sunday, June 21, 2009

Whipped Cream, Fortune Teller's Cups and Other Delights

As you may recall from my last post, yesterday would have been a great day to yard sale had it not been raining. Today, we went to St. Catharines to visit my parents and smother my dad in Father's Day fuzzies. We're a close family and we're all a little koo-koo for yard sales, thrift stores and antique barns. My folks also like antiques, vintage, and random stuff that was made better a long time ago. 

Here's my mom's sturdy brown iron. 

And here's her ten pound mixer that comes complete with a beater ejector button. She told me that she has a light weight newer mixer, but she scored this old GE model at a garage sale and she likes it better.
Freshly whipped cream. I had splatter control issues, but otherwise felt like I got a darn good work-out using this baby. 

My mom gave me this beautiful wooden box that has been in the family for years. My grandmother used to rent the top floor of my childhood house out to a woman named Mrs. Lane. This box belonged to her. Mom thinks this box is dates somewhere between the '40s or '50s. Mrs. Lane died in 1960. I love the hand painted blue birds and the solid construction. 

We visited the local Goodwill, where I briefly contemplated buying this classic '70s green fondue set ($5.00). I decided not to in the end. Fondue seemed to be the big entertaining craze in the 1970s. 
I did, however, buy these cute little earthenware cups that were made in Japan (.50 each). My mother was quick to figure out all the different things I could do with them. I love the colours. 

I also bought these stunning yellow and black tea cups and saucers. It came with the creamer. I think each cup and saucer was $1.00. 

This cheerful canister was made in England and cost $1.00. I see myself out on the porch in the summer drinking tea and eating tiny cookies out of the jar. 

Purple clematis flower my dad gave me. I've pressed it in a book. 
We also hit a decent yard sale near my folk's home. There, I bought Duncan this Bunnykins cup for $1.50...
And this '70s juice jug for a quarter. We had the exact same one when I was a child. 
I also bought these snazzy tea cups and saucers for $2.00 apiece. 
And this box 'o buttons for $5.00.
I bought it for the box. It needs a good cleaning, but I will cherish it.

My favourite find was this fortune teller's tea cup. I don't believe in these sort of things, but it is a thing of beauty when viewed as a piece of art. The message on the outside reads: Perchance this cup will show it thee. Would'st thy fortune like to see?

Detail from the inside of cup.

What do the tea leaves say? Clean the cup!

Signs of the zodiac appear on the saucer. 

My prize.
What a perfect day. Love you Pops!


  1. Nice finding your blog, fellow Torontonian and junker! Great finds. I love the teacups and the cigar box rocks - so great that it has buttons in it!

  2. Oooh how could you have not bought the fondue set? Just love the blue/silver cups and saucers and yellow cups and creamer, fab finds!!!

  3. I acquired the same cup and saucer you found from a friend who passed away. Unfortunately I broke it while moving it to a different storage unit. At least it's in big enough pieces that I can maybe glue back together, but I have a friend who is a potter who can make one that is similar for me.


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