Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hamster and Canadian Exotica

I'm on this "don't buy unnecessary stuff" diet. So far, I've been pretty frugal. I did buy a hamster on Sunday for my classroom and tonight we drove out to PJ's Pets and bought her this deluxe tubular home. Yes, on the surface an animal is a luxury, I guess. My feeling is that having a pet in the classroom helps foster togetherness and empathy for all living creatures. We had a gerbil and she met a tragic, untimely demise back in the fall. I don't even want to think about it. This teddy bear hamster will bring joy to our class, so I don't feel guilty.

On a completely unrelated note, Mick raised eyebrows at work when he mailed a postcard to Canada. Hey Canadian people - I know we get miffed over the fact we think Americans don't know we exist, but I'm digging the attention. It takes years to cultivate a mysterious reputation. Now I find out that just being from Hoserland means we are exotic and mysterious.

Here's the scene in Bull Durham where Susan Sarandon says she wants to be exotic and mysterious. That quote is cut here, but this is still a funny scene.

Here's a very mysterious eighties video by Canadian group, The Spoons. I still love this song.

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  1. We ARE mysterious and intriguing! Who cares if they don't know we exist, lol! But they still want our water....


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