Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pyrexclusive Club - Give me Your Two Cents

First the good news: I finally found a cute little piece of Pyrex at Value Village that I didn't have and it was in good shape.
Here it is: Beige Shrooms. I'm sure it's called something like Harvest Fungi #327. It reminds me of my childhood. Break out the coulottes
view 'Coulottes' detailsand leg warmers!
Here's the bad news: They had the audacity to ask $4.99 for this little bowl. As you can see, it fits in the palm of my hand. I'm normally a reserved Canadian who doesn't haggle over prices. Many a time, my wallet has been violated all in the name of being polite. Not this time...
I noticed they had big-arsed white Pyrex mixing bowls for the same price. My sister was with me and helped empower me to ask for a price reduction. The first staffer deflected the request and sent me to the manager. You know what she said? "Look (pointing at the Pyrex label on the bottom). It's Pyrex. That's why it costs so much." I felt my little burgeoning world of Pyrex collecting come to a grinding halt. Do the Value Village/Goodwill people read our blogs? Are they that up on things? What ever happened to selling used stuff at a fair price?

Anyway, after telling her that I'd be happy to buy it for $3.99, she took out a pen and marked it down. I know, it's kind of pathetic. I saved a lousy dollar, but outside of an antique barn, nobody should be selling little Pyrex bowls for that price. Crikey, I bought Vonlipi's Snowflake casserole at the same VV four months ago for the same price.

Value Village people, if you're reading this - get your act together on pricing, or I'll stop donating!!!
Thank you. I feel better now.
On a less ranty note, I bought these cute star baking pans for $2.99 each. See, if the price is right, we buy more.
They were made in England - so you know they're good.


  1. I hate it when they overprice stuff! Thank goodness they had a large bowl you could compare it with and ask for a reduction!! I must say it's VERY cute....fungi madness is my name for

  2. Cute bowl! The op shops here are getting a bit like that, they must be catching on that us pyromaniacs are on the loose!

  3. Do you want to know the name of the bowl's pattern?

    It's Forest Fancies! That's a cheesy name if I heard one.

    Value Village has crazy prices for the Pyrex, so I never buy some. The prices at the Salvation Army are just as outrageous!

  4. Thank you ladies for validating my anger and confirming that I'm not crazy. Alright, I am crazy, but not because of this. I have dreams of being in some sleepy little town and stumbling into a non-chain thrift store where I discover a treasure trove of neat old stuff at rock bottom prices. Will that day ever come?

  5. Our local Goodwill definitely has someone who knows what collectors are after, Pyrex, Mikasa, Fire-King, you name it. Part of me is glad because the money goes to a good cause. The other part of me is sad. It makes the hunt harder, but the thrill of victory sweeter.

  6. Must have been someone who took a hit off of the pipe before they priced it. Seriously!

    I would like to do an experiment where they take two Goodwills and have one keep their current high prices and have the other have lower prices just to see which one would turn the bigger profit. I contend that the lower priced one would sell more hence making more money than the higher priced one. That is just my theory.

  7. Leslie, too funny. The thrift store ladies taking hits from the bong. Dogs and cats living together. What's the world coming to?

  8. Very cute bowl! But you know VV. Saw a used shirt there a week ago for $14.99. I mean, c'mon!

    Fellow Toronto dweller her, BTW.


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