Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our Fifties Kitchen Table Hath Arrived!

Our fifties kitchen table arrived from Manitoba this week. This afternoon Ken and Duncan drove out to a warehouse in Brampton and picked it up. I love my boys! When I got home for work, this gorgeous table and chair set was waiting for me. Please excuse the mess. Explanation to follow. If you're interested in ordering a set for yourself, or if you just want to drool at cool furniture, go to It felt good supporting the Canadian/Manitoban economy and getting some wickedly cool furniture in the process.

We were given choice for seat covering and table finishing. We chose soft yellow over the turquoise because we liked the yellow and we felt that the turquoise was a bit too classic/predictable. It was still pretty. The back legs arch out, so you can't rock/tip back on the chairs. Elegant.
Strong and sleek.
Oops, this picture didn't rotate in the right direction. The finish is a muted grey with subtle yellow and pink textures. Click to enlarge and get lost in fifties splendor.
As you may recall, we gutted our kitchen back in the summer. We've been living in a demolition/renovation project since then. Basically Ken has had to rebuild the entire kitchen from the ground up, because the walls and ceiling were all bowed from old age. He's had to build false walls, re-stud, and put in new electrics. We've done most of the drywalling. Now we have to finish it, plaster and sand, and paint. After that, Ken can hang our new cupboards and install our new counter tops. He's also redoing the plumbing and installing a new sink, dishwasher, and putting in new flooring. He's amazing. I'm so lucky to be married to a man who can do it all. The only problem is finding the time to do it all in the working week. It will be worth it in the long run.
Stay tuned for a completed kitchen.


  1. Hands down 50's! in fact yellow and chrome tables liek that go as far back as the 40's! (Pre war) but the chairs would be diffrent shapped if it was 40's. Either way LOVE IT!

  2. I'll take it from you, Mick. I'll change the title to proudly say Fifties!

  3. I love it!!!

    I can't wait to see how everything works together when you get it all done.

  4. oooh! I'm speechless! This is GORGEOUS! I want one! I would happily ditch my 1850 kitchen table for one of those....Maybe not. I need to have multiple kitchens so I can have multiple tables...

  5. What a beauty! and shades of my youth...

  6. Thanks for all the nice comments. You may remember that we lost $1,500 this year in a deposit for a Shaker table and chair set from the Amish Furniture Outlet that promptly went out of business. This buttery fifties set has put things straight and I'm really thankful that we have it. Now we can move on.

  7. That's great. We are also considering a new dining set, and passing our 'student days' one on. Thanks for posting the company's web address.


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