Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Suburban Nightmare Comes to Life

I should be making anchor charts for Science tomorrow, but I'm tired and in a strange hormonal headspace. This song and video will likely be despised by anyone who visits TYSS. Sorry. Some people have a sudden urge to eat roasted bone marrow. I go down in the muddy musical ditch.

My ying is the absurdly happy, whimsical girl in me who loves to find beauty in the everyday. It's my default emotion. Old man yang, however is a dark marauding beast that takes over like a bad dream and disappears just as fast. February is the cruelest month... At least in Toronto.

Something more cheerful in next post.


  1. Love this band~ even when I'm not having a dark day. I know how you feel about February. I wish I could sweep winter away and be done with it. Hang in there. One more week and we're on to a new month!

  2. So, what's with the hormones do you think? Or is just February? I always want to kick things this month

  3. Thanks Bonnie and Tracy. March always feels better - and then we get to April and the little birdies start to come back.

    Bonnie, glad you like Fever Ray. This video is one of the freakiest I've seen in a long time. I keep thinking the singer will end up in the leafy pool.



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