Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Zany Retro Ads

Sleep on your set and still wake up with helmet head!

Don't drink the shampoo.

That "not so fresh feeling" conversation. No mother and daughter on the face of this earth have EVER had this conversation. It's 'ick' on so many levels.

Wanker husband washes wife's hair with shampoo that looks like dish detergent.


  1. OMG - that that woman is smiling as she tells her mother she needs an extra cleansing douche? I mean.... ick. You said it...

  2. Yeah, it's like the mother is telling the daughter that her --- is less foul because she uses the mild formula. I remember being trained as a telemarketer back when I was a teenager. We were sitting around a boardroom forced to look at TV, because we were hawking TV packages. I was the only female there, and this maxi pad commercial came on. I wanted to curl up and DIE. Could you imagine if the douche commercial came on?
    I haven't seen these commercials in years. Hopefully someone has come to the good sense to take them off the air.

  3. Didn't I leave a comment? I hate when that happens...I write something funny and witty and BAM I don't post it!

    I remember Body on Tap I would hassle my mom so she'd buy it...

    I can't believe the nerve of the husband telling is wife she has straw hair!

  4. I know, the husband's a major jerk. He looks like he's going to drown her in the bathroom sink. Clearly he has fantasies about "the girls at work" and wants his wife to look like them. Does this remind me of a certain someone who was going to run for Mayor of Toronto? Hmmm...


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