Thursday, May 27, 2010

Forgive Me For This...

My favourite guilty pleasure starts tonight and in 20 minutes, I'll be glued to the TV. What for?


  1. I LOVE this show! I hear they are changing it some so that should be interesting. I love love Mary Murphy....just plug your ears! Oh it's good to have someone else who loves this!!!

  2. That is so funny 'coz I've been glues to the set for the last 2 hours! I've cried quite a bit...I'm just a big cry baby! hihihi!

  3. I watched it tonight too.

    Last year, they ran "Think You Can Dance" U.S. version and then immediately after that series, they ran the Canadian version. I have to admit that I was sick of it by the time Canada rolled around. (How unpatriotic of me!!)

    But I really enjoyed it tonight. Especially that young man who dressed in black & white and danced contemporary; he reduced me to tears!

  4. Will we see you in Leslieville tomorrow?


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