Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lovely Linda's Big 6-0 Thriftacular Contest

Random picture of Duncan I accidentally uploaded to this post. It has nothing to do with this post, but the picture is kinda funny. Nothing like soft-boiled eggs with toasted bread fingers.

Here are my top five reasons to visit Linda's blog A La Carte.
5. She has a cat that looks just like mine. If you are a cat person, you'll understand.
4. A La Carte is dainty and feminine. Kind of makes TYSS look like Great Grandaddy's armpit.
3. Linda's not afraid to celebrate her age and she's happy to raise a glass to herself!
2. Linda has way more followers and comments than I could ever imagine, yet she takes the time to comment all the time on my humble little Canadian thrift girl blog.
1. She's giving away linens and things in a new contest.

Need more reasons to visit A La Carte?
I think not.
It's linked to the right, but here it is again for all the lazybones out there: http://ljm-alacarte.blogspot.com


  1. Why thank you Erin! I love your blog right back and I am so glad you are helping me celebrate turning a YOUNG 60!!

  2. I love Linda's blog! And she's a Pyrex lover too!


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