Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sick Kitty & Hoping for a Haul

I've been crazy busy at school this week. I always seem to be on the run - but in a good way. In addition, our beloved kitty Spook has been ill. He's had the runs for a couple of weeks and he started spitting up foam. We took him to the animal hospital and had blood work done. It was close to a $300.00 visit, but you love your pets - what are you going to do? The good thing is there's nothing major going on with him in terms of feline diseases. He's on a special diet and taking medication to coat his stomach. He's got a bit of vim back and he's eating like a horse. The down side is that he's got severe gum disease and will require at least $1000.00 worth of dental work (cleaning and extractions). My advice: take your cat in for a check-up before it's too late. If your cat has bad breath, have your cat's teeth checked out.

I'm about to head out to a church rummage sale with Duncan. We've got to trek out to Scarborough. I hope it's worthwhile.
Have a great weekend. I'll be reporting back.
All creatures great and small...
Here's a recent picture of Spook. We adopted him from our local animal hospital around eight years ago. Someone had found him as a kitten wandering along a busy streetcar route. Nobody wanted him and he just got bigger and more blubbery in his adoption cage. The secretary brought him out into the waiting room to raise his profile. I was in to drop off our other cat Kiko for neutering. It was then that I found Spook (whom the staff called "Little Man") and instantly fell in love with him. He's affectionate and I couldn't imagine not having him around.


  1. Well you know I understand the Kitty love! So glad Spook will be OK but oh my the teeth problem. Oh and I think he is absolutely Purrfect!

  2. Best to have cats teeth checked every year or two, and get a cleaning if necessary. The bacteria from rotting teeth can and does get into their system and affect their organs/health. And even if it didn't, they can't be happy with teeth that are rotten and hurt, same as we would be miserable with bad teeth. The difference is, they can't tell anyone or make themselves a dentist appointment.

    Maintainence teeth cleaning runs around $100 +/- and is much cheaper than waiting till there is a big problem. I learned this the hard way!!


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