Saturday, May 22, 2010

Willow's Content Sale

Today, Duncan and I joined my sister and her family for a visit to my parents' in St. Catharines with the dual mission of visiting and thrifting. Despite the rain, the hardy folk of Garden City kept their sales going and boy did I do well. I bought a lot of books, games, and toys, but I took pictures of the objects I thought Yard Sale Snoop visitors would be most interested in. Here they are...

We went into a content sale and discovered a treasure trove of well-priced items and lovely people selling them. These people were neighbours of a feisty woman named Willow, who loved gardening and looked after her home for many years. Her husband died a while back and maintaining the house became too much for her. She just moved into a retirement home. I loved the stories these neighbours shared about Willow. I almost feel like I know her now. This beautiful leaf dish called out my name.
I also bought this green vase. The picture doesn't do justice to the textures.
I liked this little plant pot as well. It goes well with the vase.
Willow was a big collector of Avon products. She kept all of the perfumed cream jars. I picked out my favourites and one of the ladies running the sale gave me a basket to put them in.
Here they are on a table in my parents' living room. The lighting was a little herky jerky, otherwise I would have taken close-ups. You can still smell the perfume inside them. Duncan had fun waving them under our noses. Which one was Willow's favourite? What did she look like back when she was using them?
I love coloured glass, so I snapped up this pretty little glass planter. Mom wondered if it was Depression-era glass. I don't know enough about Depression-era glass to say. All in all, this content sale was memorable. I got everything above, plus a small, round, wooden table for my class next year as well as an orange sixties stool with a lift up lid. They asked for $16 for the whole lot. I was happy with that and told them to tell Willow that some of her possessions will be going to a good home and classroom and that they'll be loved for years to come.
We hit a real junk sale afterwards where I bought the bird glasses (above and below)...
And the orange milk glass mug (along with a box of toy cars for Duncan) all for $1.00. Sorry about the blurry pics.
Later on in the day, we went to Value Village where I hit the Pyrex jackpot. I'll post photos of my haul tomorrow.


  1. You found some very interesting items at Willow's house! I love the green glass planter. Can't wait to see your Pyrex!

  2. I love the Willow story, and the bird glasses are too cool!

  3. I love that last mug! Thats the kind of thing I look for in every place I go. Never find it but I always look!

  4. I like all your treasures, but especially the leaf plate. I'm a sucker for them. I had some bird glasses like that at one time. Putting them through the dishwasher was not a good idea.

  5. I can almost smell the perfumes...


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