Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cherish the Awkward Christmas Love

If you're about to spend the next few days at Camp Disfunctional Family and you need to feel like it's not so bad, or if you just need a cheap laugh to destress from your trip to the mall, check out the pictures on Awkward Family Photos (linked over at the right).


  1. OMG this one is too funny - I'm guessing it was taken in 1982, judging by the glasses and fashion accessories. Happy holidays to you!!

  2. OMG - I went there and there is a photo of someone getting a toilet seat for christmas and OMG I got my son one! lol, and the sales girl was all, what kind do you want? and Im all, self-cleaning.

    and shes all, um. what color do you want?
    and Im all, Urine colored

    and shes all, dont you think he'll be offended ?

    and Im like, not as offended as I am having to clean the seat he has now...

    Im so not kidding. this was in linens and things yesterday.

    they apparently have no sense of humor

    tracy - may all your toilet seats be self cleaning in the new year!

  3. Merry Christmas thrifty friends!
    Tracy, you are without a doubt the funniest thrifter in the blogosphere and possibly the funniest mother in the world. At least you're the craziest suburban mama. Rock on!

  4. I would so show this to my son right now except it would ruin the whole toilet seat under the tree surprise...



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