Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the Thrift Before Christmas

Is there ever a bad time to go thrifting? Apparently not. After enduring the crush of the mall this morning in order to finish up my Christmas shopping, I found myself wandering into the local Value Village this afternoon. Compared to the mall, it seemed like a sanctuary - a sanctuary playing Chris Isaak Christmas music. How lucky was I?
I can't believe it's not butter! Look what I found - a bag of sixties Made in Japan spice shakers for $3.99!

I don't need them, but I had to buy them.

They're so full of character.

Love the cork.

Do you remember how I bought some super cool Atomic Age tea cups in the summer? Press play and stroke your chin.

Ah yes, here the picture is: still undeleted.
Look what I found today - the matching creamer. It had a small chip on the inside so I got it for a mere .99.

Now all I need are the saucers and the sugar bowl.
I loved this pretty "Made in England" tea cup and saucer for $1.99.
My sister will get the gift of thrift in the form of this cute cat tea cozy. I got her a bigger gift as well, in case you're thinking I'm super cheap.
Here's a reusable Christmas gift bag that cost .99.
I also bought these funny t-shirts for my nephew. I can now say I'll be giving the gift of thrift.
Merry Christmas to all my bloggy friends out there. Erin
Knowing my luck, my sister will see this post tonight and will have to feign surprise tomorrow. I can hear her thoughts already, "Oh great, a beer shirt for my teenage son. I'll make sure he wears that to school."


  1. Love the gift of thrift! I had Christmas last night with some good friends and they were wowed! at the gifts I got them, because I thrift! They loved it all!!!

  2. I hear you Linda. And now we're being environmentally-minded as well.


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