Monday, December 7, 2009

Song of the Week #23 Rockettothesky "Grizzly Man" + Marimekko Update

Do you remember my textile treasure I scored on the weekend?

I've since learned a few things about Marimekko. Click here to learn about the history of this amazing company which began in Finland.

Here's a blurb about designer Maija Isola. What a talent.

Maija Isola (1927–2001) designed her first printed textiles in 1949 for Printex Oy, Marimekko’s predecessor. She worked as head designer of Marimekko’s interior fabrics until 1987. She also had an illustrious career as a visual artist.

Maija Isola was a tremendously versatile and bold artist. She interpreted the events of her era from her own unique perspective and foresaw future trends. Her body of work includes over 500 prints – a brilliant selection of patterns representing different themes and techniques. She drew inspiration from traditional folk art, modern visual art, nature and her countless trips around the world.

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It's all gorgeous and I want it all. Marimekko Ihmemaa "Wonderland" Textile Art - Click to enlarge

While I'm singing the praises of all things Nordic, here's my song of the week: "Grizzly Man." Rockettothesky are an arty, folky band from Sweden, but I still like them.


  1. Nice to have you back, QOC! I hope you're well. The fabric was pretty fine, I must say. Will I ever find more?

  2. What a nice fabric, and thanks for spreading the word about Rockettothesky, which is think is great.

    Just want to clear one thing up: Rockettothesky is (mostly) only one woman, called Jenny Hval, and she's not Swedish but from Oslo, Norway. Here is a link to her MySpace page. :)


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