Thursday, December 24, 2009

Toilet Humor Contest - It's Not What You'd Think

I'm about to disappear into the haze of gift wrapping and family merriment. I thought I'd leave you with another Thriftacular Contest.
Tracy, the Crazy Suburban Mom, can't get enough of 'Still Life With Toilet Seat,' on Awkward Family Photos. Here it is.
Your job is to write a humorous caption in the comments box. With the help of my sister, I'll decide which caption is pant-splittingly funny and I'll choose a winner by New Year's Eve. Once I've gotten to the bottom of it, I will buy something at the thrift store for the lucky winner. Chin-Chin! Erin


  1. Best seat in the house!

    Crappy Christmas!

    How does this thing work? (He is holding it upside down...)

    I'll quit for now. But, I might think of more!
    Merry Christmas! Do they celebrate Christmas in Canada? I AM KIDDING. Merry Christmas! ~Shara

  2. 1) Oh, a pizza and donut-maker combined! You shouldn't have!
    2) Such a contemporary picture frame with a matte backing!
    3) Granted, it's not as impressive as my brother's shark jaw...
    4) Back in the old country, we always wanted one of these for Christmas!
    5) Oops! I un-hinged one side. Thank goodness the other side is OK!

  3. Bwa-hahahahahaha! You're so bad! I can only say he looks a lot happier than my kid did when he opened his! He was all, What the? And I was all, Hey! Just be glad Linens and Things didn't have the urine colored one I asked for....


  4. You ladies are goooood. I'm laughing out loud and wondering how I can pick just one. Shara, you should be moonlighting as a comic.
    Keep 'em coming!
    P.S. Christmas was introduced to Canada in 1983 when a little girl in Moose Jaw gave her big sister a pair of leg warmers. In return, her big sister gave her a Cabbage Patch Doll. The following year, their whole community began giving gifts to each other and by the nineties, "Christmas" became a regular holiday in Canada. I seem to recall getting a Disc Man. LOL


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