Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Christmas Thrift Booty - Pyrex and More Plus Kraftwerk Song of the Week #26 "The Model"

First off, I hope that everyone out there had a cozy and happy Christmas. We had fun opening gifts at our home and then we took off to my parent's house in St. Catharines (which is fairly close to Niagara Falls). Most of my family was there and we had a jolly good time eating and hanging out with each other.
Secondly, I'd like to welcome my latest follower, My Vintage Dollhouses and Other Treasures. I've linked this amazing blog over to the right. You must visit this blog and become a follower.
Here's the wee boy unwrapping his Play Mobile arctic weather lab thingy.
Close up of his crazy monkey hat made in Nepal.
On Boxing Day we did some thrifting in St. Catharines. Here is the very clean and elegant condiment serving set I found at Goodwill. It was marked at $15.00. I asked if the price could be lowered, something I rarely do because of the neurotic Canadian politeness disease that has taken hold. The manager said, "I'm in a good mood, so you can have it for ten bucks." I would have liked it better for $5.00, but I kept my mouth shut and bought it. I'm not sure what year it would be from. Any idea? I'm thinking early to mid-sixties.
Yes, I already have the exact same Tupperware salad container (in two different sizes nevertheless). My mother told me that they originally came with a spike insert to spear your lettuce on. Guess what...
Ta-dah! This one had the spike. For the sake of $1.99 (at Value Village in St. Catharines), I had to have it. Besides, there's no such thing as eating too much salad. Just ask Kate Moss.
I bought this pretty plate at the same GW I bought the condiment serving set. This plate would look attractive filled with tossed salad greens or perhaps some steaming peas. I paid $6.00 for it.
Here it is: still life with oranges, mango, and pomegranate.
I bought this Tupperware grater for .99. My mom said she wanted it and she loathes kitchen gadgets. I'll have to keep a lookout for one.
Today, I popped into the Thorncliffe Goodwill which happens to be one of Grunge Queen Kelly's fave places to thrift in Toronto. I loved this dish. I thought it was all mod sixties Twilight Zoney and cool. Guess what?
It's not old - it's a newish piece from Crate and Barrel, which I think has either just come to Canada, or is coming soon. Let's hope Canada gets Target next. As you can see by the sticker, I got a sweet price.
I've been waiting patiently for a piece of Pyrex that speaks to me. I found this lime green pie dish, or whatever you call it, for a mere $1.99.
Love it.
Lastly, here's a beautiful Mikasa tea pot I found at Goodwill for $2.99. Isn't it simply divine? I found one in brown at the Goodwill in St. Catharines for $9.99. I'm glad I waited. What's up with the high prices in thrift stores?

Here's my song of the week: "The Model" by German electronic pioneers Kraftwerk. Even if you hate my taste in music, watch this video for a parade of vintage party dresses.


  1. Hellooooo, My Northern Friend!
    Great finds...I LOVE tupperware, bought that lettuce keeper and totally forgot that at one time they DID have those little spikes in them to hold the lettuce down in the base. VERY cool.
    Merry, Merry:) Sonya

  2. Hi there Erin, great finds for you!! I do remember the spike in the Tupperware lettuce keeper but all that I find don't have it, you are lucky! Love the vintage teapot and that color! The thrifts have gotten high in pricing and I see the same item priced differently in the same store! I try to hit them on discount days but still if it's something I love I buy it. Speaking of...I LOVE that Pyrex pie plate.


  3. Hey girl! You got a serious amazing thrifting karma going on! Love the lime pie plate! Is it a canadian Pyrex? I have a couple of these utility dishes that were made in Canada. I hope you had a delicious Xmas! Thank you for hunting Pyrex for me!

  4. Love your blog! Can't tell you how many items of yours have been thru my home at one time or another! Often on my birthday my son (a high school art teacher...)takes me thrift shopping to his favorite digs and lets me pick my own gift...what FUN! You get great bargains...Houston must treasure thrift items too much!
    Glad you enjoyed my little houses!

  5. Ohhhhhhhhh serious thrifting karma there. wow. wow. wow... Those things are really really nice! Ive never seen that grater before... or that pie of that in thrift places. I normally find well, nothing 97% of the time. Except somethings like 3% of the time because you guys in Canada suck it all North. It must be el Nino or somthing...

  6. Oh el Nino. Why you so cruel to Crazy Suburban Mama? She done done you no harm. Be nice. Bring Mama some good Pyrex.

  7. Grrrreat finds! Did you notice how they're all quite co-ordinated, love when random finds work out like that :-)

  8. PS your little man is just adorable, a very pretty little guy (don't boys hate being told that)!

  9. Thanks for the kind remarks Thrifted Treasure. Your children are beautiful too. I keep talking about getting my son's hair cut, and the family objects. Maybe they do want young boys as well as girls to look cherub like.


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