Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cabbagetown Yard Sales

This morning, I cracked open the Saturday Star and there was my Pyrex article in the Weekend Living section. Wow. I was so pleased with how it turned out. The article was successful because of the enthusiasm and intelligence of my Pyrex collecting buddies in the Blogosphere that inspired the piece in the first place. I couldn't have written the article had it not been for my sisters and brothers in thrift. The other reason the article was so successful was the layout of all those gorgeous pictures of Jeni from In Color Order. What ever direction her studies and interests take her, you just know that she's got a brilliant career ahead of her. Hugs, Jeni!
Zooming in
Look at the pretty photography and layout. They even managed to squeeze in my rustic porch cam shot of my first Pyrex love. It's amazing what a little cropping can do. I wish I could do that to my bottom!
Well, I had half-jokingly suggested in my last post that I was hoping to find some Mexican Day of the Dead folk art at the ginormous Cabbagetown festival (which included numerous yard sales). Look what I bought! It's a pretty luminario. This tin church includes a candleholder tucked inside. It was new and had an original price tag on it of $40.00. I got it for $8.00. Happy Erin.
Proof that sooner or later, we all turn into our fathers. I got this Moulinex electric carving knife for $2.00 from a really fun group of people raising money for a girl's basketball team.
Tiny and old Marc Chagall book for $1.00
What's inside? Hmm. Don't tell me. I think I can figure it out...
If you guessed advent tree, you are correct.
The wooden tree sits in the golden star base.
In the days leading up to Christmas, you add little pegs to decorate it. I thought this was sweet and knew Duncan would have fun adding to it. It was new in the box and cost $8.00. I would have liked it better for $5.00 or $4.00, but I never bargain down prices. I can hear my parents saying, "That would have been $1.00 at a rummage sale in St.Catharines. Yes, yes. Toronto is expensive and there were a lot of inflated prices at the Cabbagetown festival with vendors selling "antique" items for "antique dealer" prices.
This was my best deal of the day: a huge love banner that cost $2.00. I'm going to hang it on my classroom door in February. I bought it in the early afternoon. I'm surprised that nobody else liked it well enough for such a low price.


  1. I love the article and those photos with it are awesome! Good job!!! Now you did get some great deals today also. Love the luminiario it is quite cool.

  2. The article was GREAT - text, pics, everything.

    Looks like Cabbagetown came through today - love the luminario!

    LOL, was scanning your pics and didn't pay attention to the Advent Tree box pic. Eyes rested on the contents of the box pic and at first I thought you had purchased a box of
    those oh-so-lovely (not) pinetree air fresheners.


  3. Great job with the article!! It looks fantastic. I wish I could have gone to Cabbagetown this weekend too but my son had baseball and soccer tournaments. Ah well, I will thrift vicariously through you! Have a great day

  4. That article was so great - I shared it with my sister! I like your treasures...oh...tiny Marc Chagall book: cha-ching!

  5. Congratulations on the article! It's funny -- ever since I began visiting your blog, I always think of you when I spot Pyrex at a thrift store and wonder if you have that particular piece.


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