Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Can Smell the Country Air

Look what arrived in my little mailbox today...
A gift from lovely Shara of Monkey Box. I can smell Arkansas. I do believe we're the only women in thriftland with the word "monkey" in our email address. Talk about karma.
Look. Retro woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
Alright. My man's kisses are as good as chocolate ( I know - TMI), but I get the joke.
Shara even sent Duncan a prezzie: a little bag and stickers. So sweet.
Look at her fabulous gift tag. Shara moves in style.
Here's what she gave me: a very old book about Bob Hunt - in my home and native land. I hope Bob liked it here. I wonder if Bob Hope had to endure comments like that... Anyway, thanks. I love it.
Look, the original inscription. I wonder if this belonged to Lyle Lovett?
Other selections in the series.

Thanks, Shara. I dedicate this next song to you. Nobody can cha-cha in a kilt like David Byrne. Now sing along...

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