Friday, September 24, 2010

Gnawed Foot Button Update and Craig Who?

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I'm-a-gonna gnaw off ma foot if I don't get me a thrift!

Bounty Huntress, the wheels of way-too-much-time-on-my-hands-ness is working in overdrive. I want to make a thrift button involving self-cannibalization. Give me a little more time. I'm not even sure how to make buttons. Jeni from In Color Order knows, but she's so classy that I'm afraid to ask her how, in case she wonders what it's for. Jeni, if you're reading this, please don't think anything less of me. It's all Bounty Huntress' fault.

Here's a confession. Until tonight, I've never been on Craig's List. Whenever I read about it in the paper, it's usually some freaky story about someone trying to sell their own liver on this electronic buy and sell. Well, I thought I'd finally have a poke around in case there were any church rummage sales going on in my neck of the woods. I couldn't find any, but I did discover some yard sales tomorrow. One is promising a TurboCooker - whatever that is. Another is being billed as a Yard Sale for Peace. I just know I'll be guilted into buying something there. If I don't, I'm not very peaceful.

Wish me luck. I've been having a serious dry spell lately.

Watch the first 30 seconds of this video. I always loved the bouncy woman in the yellow jumpsuit. Work that jumpsuit woman. Work it!


  1. Good luck yard salen tomorrow. I think the button is scary!! LOL!!!

  2. The gnawed foot is gross! Yep I said it GROSS! I see enough of that crap on TV....

    Craiglist is not too big here but it might be that quebecers are scared of the internet and being bamboozled!

    I love the internet. I shop,pay bills, surf,blog..the works! I've rented vacation houses, hotels and bought a fridge rom the internet. But if you ask most quebecers they don't buy from the's full of thieves and crazies!

    So not much action on

  3. Have you been to Dollarama lately? You can't set foot in the joint without tripping over bloody Halloween feet.

  4. Ah Craigslist! I love it and if I lived in T.O., I'd definitely be checking out the Antiques section every day, and don't bypass the "Free". A year ago there was a barrister bookcase free to the first person that picked it up on the curb. I so want an antique
    barrister bookcase!

    Good luck at the yard sales. They've pretty much dried up around here. :(



    Just sent you a gift!! :)


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