Saturday, October 23, 2010

December Will Be Magic Again

Walking into the Value Village on Bloor St. W., I had no expectations. I've never found any Pyrex there and the store always seems to be crawling with hipsters no doubt searching for the same stuff I am. Not that I'm hip by any means. Surprisingly, I found a few treasures like the Christmas elf above. I realized later that the peppermint stick was actually a broken candy cane, but I still thought it had a lot of charm for $1.99. This looks like an old timey family decoration from my childhood.
This set of brand new Frank Lloyd Wright holiday cards cost $2.99 for 20. I hate spending big bucks on cards when most of them end up being glanced at and then discarded shortly thereafter.

In a bag with a $1.99 price tag, I found two boxes of Christmas tree ornaments. Some of the ornaments were kind of ugly, like the fuzzy ones and the disco balls. But...
I also found some stunning vintage ornaments, like this aqua-coloured decoration.
It's got a concave centre. See?
Two-tone ornament...
with Santa painted on it. So sweet.
Graphic designs...
and hand-painted swirls where you can still see the brush strokes.
I've never seen daisies on a Christmas ornament before.
Here's the second box. I even love the beaten up old box.
Made in Poland. For goodness sake!
Again, a strange mix of the gaudy with the gorgeous. We thrifters have to be magpies.
and again - ta-dah!
Aren't these beautiful?

So that's it, folks. Thrifty droughts don't last forever. It's all down to timing that you can't control.

Here's Kate Bush's Christmas song. I know, I know. Any excuse to play Kate Bush.


  1. I love the little elf! I can't believe Christmas will be here before we know it. Nice ornaments!

  2. I'm coming back to play your song, AFTER Thanksgiving. Oooh, an early present!

  3. Oooh! lovely finds! I love those ornements :)

    I didn't know KB made a Xmas!

  4. The handpainted swirls one is great!

  5. Erin, great find on those ornaments! I have quite a collection of old vintage ornaments and $1.99 for those ones you got is great!


  6. Thanks for all the happy comments. Sue, thanks for your comments on Five Ways to Disappear. I think you're one of about five people who've left comments on that blog - LOL.

  7. They're fab!!! I'm always on the lookout for vintage Christmas decorations but haven't found anything great yet.

  8. So that's it, folks. Thrifty droughts don't last forever. It's all down to timing that you can't control.

    Ain't that the truth!
    Lovely finds - especially the elf!


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