Monday, October 18, 2010

You Kids Nowadays!

Welcome to my newest followers. You are more fabulous than you know - yes you are!

Anyway, here's the kind of technology I grew up with. We didn't have those fancy i-Pods. We took our Merlins and trudged through the snow while arctic wolves chewed on our little legs. "Back off wolves. I've got a Merlin!"

Here's Merlin's proletariat cousin - owl calculator. I love the angelic proclamation of Kmart at the beginning. We don't have Kmart in Canada anymore. Sniff.


  1. You are from my era. When we did not upgrade our toys after a year or less. And we still get a thrill from coming across one today. It brings back memories. AND took some skill!

  2. LOL ~ my favorite was Dataman by Texas Instruments. I am positive that is why I learned my multiplications tables so completely and still know them to this day.

  3. I still have Merlin and it still works!!


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