Friday, October 29, 2010

The Eighties are Back!

I usually don't go much for the whole fashion magazine/super model thing, but Bryan Ferry has always done a good job of mixing the superficial with the arty. Somehow, it works in a European kind of way.

Judging from his new song and video for "You Can Dance," it looks like he's returned to the sound and feeling of Roxy Music and solo albums from the eighties, Boys and Girls and Bete Noire. He even samples Roxy's "True to Life" on this song. See for yourself.

Here's the song sampled. It makes me want to be riding around on a scooter in Paris without a care in the world. Café cognac for breakfast and good bread...

Here's "Slave to Love." Ahh, the eighties. It wasn't all Huey Lewis and the News.

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