Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Five Things I'd Never Thrift

5. Trophies. I'm always amazed by the never-ending supply of hideous athletic trophies at thrift stores. Unless you were a set designer for a film or TV show, who would actually buy a trophy that someone else won?

4. Stuffed furniture. If Toronto wasn't in the midst of a near bedbug epidemic, I may be more relaxed about this one.

3. Ugly old ashtrays. Even if I smoked, I still wouldn't want to stub out my cigarette on some stinky old ashtray, unless it was seriously cool and vintage.

2. Hats. Maybe it's because I'm a teacher and they're checking for head lice every couple of months, but I've become paranoid of putting anything on my head that may have been a breeding colony for lice. I'm sure most used hats are fine, but I get itchy just thinking about getting lice, so I remain cautious.

1. Underwear. I'm not talking vintage bras here. I'm talking undies. I couldn't ever fathom buying underpants that have been previously enjoyed, unless I knew for a fact they had belonged to Johnny Depp. And even then, I'd need some sort of verification. Let me have a I'm-wearing-Johnny-Depp's-undies moment. There. I'm good.

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I was raised not to laugh at other's misfortunes and I do try to stick to that. Still, I can't get enough of the Mexican singer falling off the stage. If he hadn't made such a grand entrance, it wouldn't be so hilarious.



  1. I am glad that I am not the only one that gets freaked out about lice at school. I make sure I wear my hair up and tucked firmly away in a bun when I am at work. Those kids are little cooty factories and I have already gotten pink eye from one (which reared its lovely head during my Cabo San Lucas cruise. Thank you very much). I certainly don't want their little critters either.

    LOL at the guy falling off the stage. Wouldn't have been so funny if he hadn't been such a "fabulous" dancer. ")

  2. does it mean I am a bad person becasue i couldn't stop giggling at that guy falling off the stage?

    One thing I also never thrift is makeup/toiletries, unless it is brand new and still sealed in the package. We have lots of regs here about that sort of thing, but back home, not so much.

  3. Boy that guy sure thought he was something didn't he? Although I have always beeen the one laughing when someone else tripped. I agree with the whole thrifted underwear thing. Some thing are just better left for the trash can.

  4. I'm with you on the stuffed furniture & hats....ew.

    Sometimes I think that a trophy collection would be kinda rad if displayed properly.

    and...I have to confess, I just bought my husband a gigantic bra for his halloween costume from a thrift store & it skeeved me out big time.

  5. I would have to think long and hard about all those items you listed. Nope, not buying them!!

  6. The guy is hilarious!

    I bought an ugly ass trophy for my etsy shop but it's brand new vintage. I've seen them in decorating shows, they group them up and spray paint them all the same color, cool!

    I'm terrified of bed bugs! EEEEWWWW!

    I would never thrift makeup,toiletries,underwear,pillows or stuffed furniture.

  7. Once when my small boys had played in a house where she told me AS WE WERE LEAVING about their lice "issues", I covered the back seat with blankets, took the boys home, tossed them on the picnic table, and shaved them bald. Nope, not paranoid, not me!

  8. For some reason I am now itchy all over! Thanks :)

  9. I admit it...I bought some old trophies at a thrift store. I'm going to get new little plates engraved and use them in my classroom for things like Tidiest Table, Great Group Work, etc. I was thinking maybe the table group could keep the trophy for a week? I don't think the kids will care if the trophy guy is bowling or whatever. If they ask, I'll say they're "bowling over" the competition or something silly like that. Cheers, Lisakarie

  10. We have a bed bug problem in my part of Ohio too. It gives me the skeevies when I see someone buying a used mattress/box spring at the thrift stores. I'm paranoid about clothes for the same reason and make the BF wash anything he buys as soon as we get home. With you on the undies too! Why, why, why? lol

  11. I just had to watch that video like 15 times. Classic!

  12. You'd rather thrift an old house coat than an ash tray!?


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