Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pyrex Rip-off

I had a weird mid-day doctor's appointment today about a possible respiratory infection. She kept me waiting over an hour and then I had to have chest x-rays and get a prescription. In short, I spent the better part of the day getting caught up on my reading, while being tormented by the soft sounds of E-Z Rock. To cheer myself up, I got a big bucket of bubble tea and hit Value Village, looking for a Halloween costume. It was there that I saw the exact Pyrex divided dish you'll see above, that I bought at the Value Village in St. Catharines for $9.99, but the VV in Toronto had the cheek to ask $12.99. One woman kept hovering over it. She moved away for a minute and I picked it up and actually considered buying it. I decided against it, since I don't really need two of a kind. The woman moved back in. I hope that article I wrote about Pyrex didn't alert the pricing people at thrift stores to jack up the prices. Eesh!


  1. Erin I think everything is getting over priced at the Thrifts!! I think $12.99 is too much! I would love that piece but will wait for a better price.

  2. Holy Mackerel, you like bubble tea too!? Getting a bubble tea and hitting up my local Value Village is probably my idea of the perfect day...!

  3. Erin, I was wondering the same thing about a possible influence your article may have had.

    In this area, I find VV horribly overpriced and usually the best finds are at the hospital/small charity thrifts.

    Wishing you a fabulous thrifting weekend.


  4. Now we just don't need to let me know our little secrets:)


  5. I live in Toronto and cannot STAND the prices at the VV's here! Actually north of the city they are not good either. I prefer Goodwill (although quite disorganized and dirty) or Sally Ann. Boooo! For VV being 'overpriced' on used goods!

  6. If you talk about your finds, list prices and tell people where you bought them in articles and on your blog, you can pretty much expect prices to rise and the pieces you collect to become more scarce.

    It's the basic principles of supply and demand, no? I'm not sure why you are surprised.

    Retro Collector

  7. Hey Retro Collector. I understand supply and demand. I think the fact of the matter is that the pricing is inconsistent at different VV outlets. That's why it's a surprise. Thanks anyway for the comment.


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