Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Apple Nymphs & Sea Monkeys

Before dinner we hit the Thorncliffe Goodwill. I spotted the same jade green Pyrex bowl I already have as well as the big cheerful yellow bowl I already have. There wasn't much there, but I did find these gorgeous Monsters of Mythology books. Fore $1.99 each, I had to have them.
Collecting books is another addiction of mine passed down from my father. I have a passion for Greek mythology and the classics in general.

Below: Tonight we'll crack open the Sea Monkeys. I've always wanted to know what they are. Will we unleash terror in the Greater Toronto Area? Orange alert!
Speaking of orange alert, here's the opening credits from one of my all-time favourite shows: The Prisoner. We have it on DVD. It's a cult classic from the sixties. Dig.


  1. Those look like some great books....Sea Monkeys? My Honey loves the old PRISONER and watches them all the time.

  2. sea monkeys and nymphs! fantastic!! :D

  3. I realize it was 2 years ago, but do you want to sell that sea-monkey tank? + if you have the label still. studiomunkie@earthlink.net


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