Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wretched Canadian 80s Video Cheese for Vonlipi

My homegirl Vonlipi recently posted some videos for songs straight off an eighties K-tel record featuring "hot" Canadian rock groups. Despite all the great music to come out of Canada in the eighties, most of it was complete and utter tosh. Don't believe me? Here are three videos MuchMusic never stopped playing.

Exhibit A. - Cats Can Fly
Crimes include having a ridiculous name, a singer who sounds like his male parts are stuck in a vice, mullets, and Miami Vice trench coats. Check out the squeaky drummer. LOL

Exhibit B. - Gowan
This is so bad, I can't even sit through the whole video. See if you can. Crimes include singing with a bone for a microphone, bad highlights, mullet, ugly pants and shirt, bad dancing, and an inflated song that doesn't stop soon enough.

Exhibit C. - Platinum Blonde
The singer was some cocky English guy who probably had been living in Canada long enough to lose the accent, but milked it for the sake of the band. This video is a complete rip-off of Duran Duran's much better "Rio."Check out the jackets, hair, and tacky set. A former Platinum Blonde member died under mysterious circumstances last year in his Toronto home.

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  1. Homegirl here, reporting for tacky duty...I remember the Cats can fly song: EEEEEWWWWW!

    It just hit me how much I hated Gowan (I still do!) Bad look, bad music, bad dancing...He just re-released that albu to celebrate 25 years of Gowan cheezyness!

    Platinum Blonde is the best of this bunch, but terrible nevertheless.

    I'm guessing every country has gems like that from the eighties...seriously!


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