Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pyrex & Fisher-Price

First off, welcome to my two latest Followers: Julia Williams Art and The Antique Odyssey. Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy the ride.

There were several yard sales in my neighbourhood this morning, but I was good and limited myself to one street sale on Glebeholme. Besides the toys I got Duncan, here's what I bought...
This enormous hamster cage is lightly used. The whole thing, including bedding and the race car exercise wheel cost a mere $10 - wow! Our classroom hamster kept escaping from her tubular cage, so she sadly lives in our spare room at home shut away from the cats. Now I might bring her back to the classroom for the remainder of the school year.
A kind, fifty-something woman (I only mention her age, because she said this was one of her childhood toys) actually gave this to Duncan. She said it's too dangerous to sell. I guess she thought that a children could hurt themselves on the nails sticking up. Duncan loved it. I told him he could put in on display in his bedroom as a decoration. The musical teddy is sad and beautiful all at once. Read my last post for my thoughts on the legacy of vintage thrift.
Score! I found this lovely Pyrex casserole (MORE CASSEROLE!) buried on a table outside another house.
I asked the seller about it. She said it was her mother-in-law's and sold it to me for a mere fifty cents. Sweet!

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  1. Do you want to know which pattern that is?

    Of course you do! It's called Snowflake Blue, not very original...It's from the 70's.

    You made a very good deal! 50cents! Amazing!

  2. I love the old toy and how sweet as a display, but girl you scored big on the Pyrex! Vonlipi has already clued you in to the pattern. So sweet!

  3. Thanks for the info, ladies. You two know so much more about Pyrex than I do. I'm just a beginner.

  4. what is it with the pyrex stuff? do they still make it? Should I be scooping it up if it is cheap? I saw a butter dish with those 70's colors last week at a flea market, I think it was a $1...


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