Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rain Out & Song of the Week

Firstly, welcome to my latest Follower, aRt. Your name is mysterious. Glad you like my little pony show.
Today was the Fun Fair at the school I teach at. I worked the Bouncy Tent and toted Duncan around. We both had a ton of fun. Above, find #1 Son in the Thomas room (natch) making a Thomas hat. Below, find him about to be pummeled by a Grade 3 kid in the inflatable jousting room.
I was hoping to do a little thrifting in the morning, but alas, the weather was damp and there were no yard sales in my immediate neighbourhood. I hope this changes tomorrow. I may have to hit a thrift store if this is the case. It's gone midnight. I'm going to watch some late night TV with hubby and then hit the hay. Here's my song of the week, "Happy Up Here." I can't get enough Royksopp in my life. I was thrilled to hear a snippet of this tune on So You Think You Can Dance. They frequently put cool music on that show. I don't know what they were smoking when they used "I Want to Know What Love is" by Foreigner on the "mystery disc." When I was in Grade 8 they played that video to death on MuchMusic. I still get a rash when I hear the opening keys. Now they're using it on some kiddie hot dog commercial that Duncan likes. Sorry, I'm ranting. Sorry if I've offended any rabid Foreigner fans. Keep on loving me.


  1. Oh.. the Thomas days... They end too soon! I tried to hit a few garage sales yesterday too but of course it started pouring right after house #2. :( Oh well

  2. It was almost too hot here but I did hit some sales and got a few things. I will be sharing them this week. So a thrift is in order since no yard sales...must have our fix! :)


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