Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Pyrex Question and Pyrex That Didn't Steal My Heart

In a previous post, Jennifer left a comment asking what's up with this Pyrex obsession and whether she should be collecting Pyerx herself. Well, like any fetish, it's hard to rationalize and difficult to explain, unless you have the same fetish. I like Pyrex for these reasons: 1. Pyrex is very practical. 2. Vintage Pyrex is available in pretty colours and patterns. 3. Vintage Pyrex reminds me of my childhood and taps into some sort of nostalgia. I hope that helps. As for whether you should buy Pyrex, I'd say buy what you like, but be wary about starting a massive collection (read my Hoarders post from a few weeks ago). And if you really don't feel the love for Pyrex, there are lot's of Pyrex lovers out there who'd happily grab what you don't. Thanks for the comment. I feel like the Pyrex Dear Abby.
Earlier in the day, I went to the tiny Goodwill on Roncesvalles. I'd never been there before. It was a complete bust in every department. Looking for a vintage fix on this garage sale-less weekend, I hit the VV in my neighbourhood.
There, I found these not-bad Pyrex mixing bowls. The yellow one was $6.99 and the brown one was $4.99 or $5.99. I almost bought the yellow one, but I stopped and asked myself if I really, truly loved it. The answer was no. I like it well enough, but it wasn't a "must have" piece. I was pretty happy that I had the will power to leave these pieces behind.

Instead, I bought this little vase. I need another vase like I need a hole in the head, but I've got a thing for green glass, so I grabbed it. Cost: $2.99

I also bought a beautiful little piece of pottery. I took a picture of the outside of the bowl, but it turned out blurry. Basically, it looks speckled and has three flowers on the outside and one on the inside. I suspect it's new, inspired by mid-century pottery. Cost: $2.99
At the fruit and veg store on the way home, I bought this delicate fern for $3.99. I can put it in a piece of thrifted pottery.


  1. Good for you! Only buy what you fall in love with! It helps in the managing of the herd!

    Jennifer, collect what you love not what you think you should collect! Shheeessshh! Leave the Pyrex to Pyrex lovers if you're not sure!

    Take it from someone who bought too much Pyrex and can't unload it....

  2. I agree with you both! Only buy what you love and enjoy!! I now have several pieces of Pyrex and so I am very careful what I buy now. I have some pieces I'm hoping to sell but if not I don't have too much in them and they are still great pieces for someone! The acquiring/collecting bug can be deadly if not dealt with correctly!

  3. I also meant to say I saw some Pyrex bowls today and I liked them but they were too expensive and so not least not by me. I think thrift stores are going to have to rethink their pricing!!

  4. Sometimes it's difficult to walk away from the Pyrex, even if you don't LOVE it. I think Pyrex has magical, hypnotic powers. Good restraint :)

  5. I'm another one who saw some Pyrex today and didn't buy it. I just didn't love it that much and couldn't see it taking up valuable real estate on the shelf I bought last week to hold the Pyrex. You pretty much summed up why I like Pyrex too. Well put.

  6. I think that you are so right! Only buy if it calls your name! For me, that's how it is!
    Sometimes, it stays where it is also, and no regrets.... most of the times! I collect Milkglass, not detts. So if it's a good deal, Ok. If not, somebody will enjoy it better than me! Have a good day!

  7. Exactly!

    You will show us photos of your fern once it is potted, won't you?!

  8. What willpower you exhibited! I'm proud of you. That fern is lovely too.

  9. Thanks for all the comments. You women are my sisters in thrift! Thanks to Mom Wald and Sandy for the enthusiastic fern remarks. Ferns are so undervalued in the botanical world.


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