Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thank Goodness for Goodwill

First off, welcome to my 57th follower, Amy from Lil Bits and Berries. Do check out her delightful blog - I'll link it in the thrifty blog section to the right. Yesterday, it rained in Toronto, not to mention the ugly G20 protests going on downtown. It was pretty miserable all-round. No chance of a yard sale....
My sister drove us out to the new Goodwill-by-the-pound. It's in an equally remote part part of Scarborough. There, I bought a large fishbowl, a beaded leather children's belt, two scarves, two toy cars, and a pile of books for $7. Later, we drove to the Goodwill retail outlet on Eglinton, near Kennedy. There, I bought the items you see above. Lise is not happy with Value Village these days. They're charging too much and she's right - what's with a 30% off sale? Thank heavens for Goodwill.
This Pyrex mixing bowl is about 24 cm in diameter. I love the colour. It cost $3.99.
Ta-da! Naturally, my sister got some jab in about buying more Pyrex. It was in such great condition, I just had to have it.
Vintage pastel Tupperware coasters for $1.99. They remind me of Misty Mints.
I like the added drainage feature for sweaty summer glasses.
When I was a kid, I could never find my name on souvenirs. I love ghost towns and I've always dreamed of going to Arizona. For .99 I just had to have this mug.
I loved this vintage Oklahoma souvenir tea cup and saucer for $1.99. It was sitting on a shelf looking lonely and unloved.
I'll have to drinking out of tea cups more often.


  1. Oooh, a Goodwill outlet! We're lucky to havee a few Goodwills within driving distance, but no outlet.

    Finding the coasters with the foam still in them, and in good condition is pretty rare. You're so lucky!

  2. Great finds. The Pyrex looks brand new! Good find! Love those Tupperware coasters! I think all the Thrifts have gotten high priced lately.

  3. I love those little Pyrex bowls. I have about 6 of them and I use them all the time. Value Village is the same as Savers in the US. I go there when I go to Vegas and they are extremely expensive. They kill me when they have an item priced more than it was new in the store.

  4. ugh, the G20 thing is so grim. and i just have to say, that yellow ruler is straight out of my childhood!

  5. Thanks for the swell comments, ladies. Ana, those yellow rulers are still in use in the TDSB. I always order a few new ones for my room each year because some go missing or get broken. I think they had them when I was a kid too. That was a long time ago indeed. LOL

  6. One of these days I am going to have to trek out to at least one of these outlets! Maybe on one of my trips to Kingston. The pyrex bowl is sweet! very cool colour.

  7. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and the mention! I need to start a link list on my blog. I love yours! I am from Buffalo and would visit Toronto whenever I could. It seemed so much more sophisticated to me!

  8. OK, not to be a hater, or anything, but coasters that let the condensation flow out the holes onto the nice wood? Are these supposed to be gifts to people you don't like?

    Love the Pyrex bowl. I am noticing that all the thrifts are getting way pricey, especially the Goodwill's in Maine. Furniture is way over priced. Oh well, makes the Saturday yard sales more fun and economical.

  9. Totally fabulous! I never ever find pyrex in good condition - everything I find in places like good will looks like someone dragged it there behind the car...sigh

  10. Hey, where in Scarborough is the new Goodwill by the pound?


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