Saturday, June 5, 2010

One For The Road

Welcome to another two Followers: Erin's Lucky Stars and Kim at The Girl Can't Help It. These are both cool women with eye-catching blogs. I've linked them over at the right for your convenience. Forget about the TV - read more inspiring thrift-chic blogs. Thanks ladies.

I love riding my bike, especially at dusk. This evening, I snaked around the streets of my community, hoping for a little treasure in a box marked "Free." This occasionally happens on garage sale days. I'm very self-conscious when I'm poking around, essentially "garbage picking." Many people consider this activity as déclassé as cutting your fingernails on a city bus or dislodging your underwear from your buttock crevice while standing in the lineup at the grocery store. In the back of my mind lives the thought that I'm doing something good for the environment, so the feeling doesn't last too long.
I found this pretty little piece of pottery marked U.S.A. on the bottom. I can't believe nobody would want this. I would have happily paid for it. I may give it to my sister Lise. She's got a lot of ivory going on at her home. Does anyone else ever go out "junking" on yard sale days?

Oh, here's my funny anecdote from today. I went to my cousin's wedding shower this afternoon. My Auntie Helen introduced me to someone from her church. She said, "Susan is one of our minister's wives." I burst out laughing and made some crack insinuating a polygamous situation, which I probably shouldn't have in the first place. Another church lady corrected me by telling me that there are in fact two ministers at this church. So my Auntie Helen was right. Susan was one of the ministers' wives, not one of the minister's wives (I hope my use of the apostrophe is correct here and illustrates the misunderstanding). I promptly excused myself and stuffed a cupcake in my mouth, telling myself never to joke about clergymen and harems ever again. Man, I hope my parents don't read this post. I'll be banished from family functions forever at the age of 39.
Here's The Tindersticks' "Seaweed." This is the perfect soundtrack for junking at dusk.


  1. I usually go garbage digging once a month on 'big garbage' day; when garbage men will pick up everything.

    Is it passé? I was not aware of that! I come from a long line of garbage diggers so it's genetic! My dad is 74 and still digs when he can....

  2. Hey Vonlipi,
    I don't think junking is ever out of style. I just get the funny vibe from people watching me do it. I remember dragging a chair that I'd garbage picked home from school when I was a kid. My parents thought it was a nifty thing to do. Now parents would be all, "The chair might have bed bugs. You may have injured yourself. We need to take you in for a psych evaluation, etc."

  3. P.S. Vonlipi,
    I think we did grow up watching the exact same music videos and TV shows.

  4. I love that little bowl and no it's never out to go junkin!

  5. My Hubby teases me about dumpster diving. Like I've ever dove into a dumpster! Helping people get rid of the stuff on their curbs is a service!

    I found a matching bowl with intense crazing. I thought it was a pot. Hmm, I'll still probably use it as one.

    Ever read the book "Panda Eats Shoots and Leaves"? You'll love it!

  6. I don't go junking on yard-sale days, but I do go junking on our neighborhood's monthly "big trash" days. This last week I brought home a very heavy good quality metal plant stand, prob. from the 60's, a brand new glass lamp (one of the ones with the globe in top), an old barstool with a slat swivel seat - all it needs is a coat of paint, a vintage american tourister round suitcase, smells a little musty but otherwise no stains or other issues( saw one on etsy painted white with black trim and big red poppies on it, going to do that for one of my nieces to use as a sleep over bag) and 6 old vintage bottles. I also found a really old wood headboard and footboard for a twin bed, but sadly I had no need for it or place to store it.

    I am not the only one who shops the neighborhood on these days, so I try to go out the night before, under the cover of darkness. I feel a little funny going thru trash, but I have reached a point in my life where I really don't give a rat's behind what people think of me - and I have found some AWESOME things this way! Solid wood furniture, wicker lamps, sewing machine table, lots of big old picture frames, a lifetime supply of hydroponic clay orchid pebbles, etc etc...I really look forward to big trash day!


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