Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Vintage Addiction

Another vintage addiction of mine happens to be vintage souvenir plates - preferably from travel destinations from the sixties or earlier. These tend to crop up at garage and rummage sales, so I'm holding out for some more this summer. My husband is generally indifferent to my thrifted finds, but even he finds these plates kind of charming.
Scenes from Prince Edward Island and Howe Caverns in New York. I'd never heard of Howe Caverns, but the plate really sells the place for me. Now I want to go.


  1. I'm working really hard against my instincts on this one! I could become addivcted to souvenir plates in a jiffy! And I see a lot of those in thrift shops....;)

  2. Its actually an on going project at the Casablanca! For the Lounge, were trying to Collecet those plates from all 48 states (because thats how many there were in 1943) I ahve a few beautys... but the stay in the kitchen so as not to get broken.


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