Sunday, March 28, 2010

From Coast to Coaster

Today turned out to be a soggy affair in Toronto. Ken was working, so Duncan and I went out. We were going to head down into the Don Valley to look at nature, but the rain came down heavier. We trudged down to Chinatown East, stopped at a Vietnamese sandwich shop, found a tropical fish emporium, bought some groceries, and returned home. But something was not right. I needed to thrift.
So down the road we trudged once more, to our nearby Value Village. Duncan quickly spotted a Playmobil fire truck. There was no price sticker on it, so the cashier rang it up for .99. Son, you're learning the way of the thrifter. I found a few goodies including one of those big bags of random things for $1.99. In the bag I found these cute plastic lobster coasters.
Also in the bag were these comical booze hound coasters. Written on each coaster is a different pearl of wisdom about drinking.
We don't need more tea towels, but for $1.99, I thought this Scotland tea towel would stir up some fond memories of Scotland for my husband - or at least encourage him to do the washing up more often.

Duncan counting up all the coasters. He also discovered some white coasters with an abstract art design on them. The only thing I don't like about the coasters is that they're rimmed and too small to hold the big coffee mugs we use at home. I guess they're meant for cocktail glasses at pool parties in the sixties or seventies.
Yes, another shot glass I'll never use, but I loved the stylish paint job for .49.
This is cool. It's a hand carved receptacle of some sort. I think it was $1.99. Please let me know what language is carved on the outside. Russian would be my default guess, but it could be Latvian, Estonian or something completely different. I love the bees and honeycomb.
Close-up of bee.

Here's my song of the week #39 -Duffy's "Mercy." It was playing at Value Village when I bought all this stuff.


  1. Cool stuff. I really like the Scotland towel. I'm not Scottish, but I love The Highlander and Craig Ferguson (whose book I'm finishing reading tonight-thumbs up!), and pretty much anyone with a Scottish accent and/or a kilt, does that count? :) That's my favorite Duffy song.

  2. P. - I love your Scottish references. Awesome. Craig Ferguson is the whole package - so to speak. Hey, that means we both like Ferguson and Tony Bourdain. Two gentlemen aging like fine wine.

  3. Those are such fun coasters...yes I think for 'cocktail' shopping.

  4. Fun stuff!
    Seems like Hall & Oates is always playing when I'm thrifting. And I'm not complaining :)

  5. Try putting the foreign language in bable fish translator and see what comes up. Your son is so cute playing with thecoasters. My granddaughter always hits the coasters first thing when she comes to my house. CM

  6. I`ve touched those coasters quite a few times when searching through the bags on the pegs & even considered buying them myself. Value Village at Woodbine, right? & they were bagged together?


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