Thursday, March 11, 2010

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We have this amazing new teacher at our school this year named Jesselyn. When new people arrive, you hope that by some miracle they'll be a cool person with a wicked sense of humour. Either that, or that they'll sizzle in the staff room like Johnny Depp in a movie about a caring teacher who turns things around for one troubled youth. Not that Johnny would stoop to a level like that.

Jesselyn is hilarious. I wish we taught across the hallway, but it could easily turn into a gab-fest.

It turns out that we both like Anthony Bourdain - a lot. If you watch the show, you start to see that he's actually a very warm and funny guy who will throw himself into ridiculous situations one moment and then turn around and lovingly talk to an old timer who's been making sushi for 50 years.
Jesselyn and I want to eat new things and she's quite the foodie. She just started up her own blog, which I've linked in my new "Dangerous Foods" category over to the right. It's called Je Suis Gutom. This means I am (something in Tagalog, which I'll have to ask her about). I've linked Tony's site as well.

Next week is March break and it didn't take much to convince Jesselyn to go some place where we can eat something a little out there. I will eat almost anything apart from reptiles or domestic animals. I'm sure we'll both blog about the experience.

Stay tuned.


  1. Anthony Bourdain is the man! I don't catch his show often enough, but when I do, I'm hooked for the whole thing.

  2. I love Anthony Bordain. Our stupid cable company took The Travel Channel off of our lineup so I can't watch him anymore. My husband went into the fetal position for a week when they took that channel off because he couldn't watch Vegas Week for the umpteenth time. LOL

    It sounds like a good time with a good friend. Have fun!


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