Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eat Something Different Part 1

As mentioned a couple of posts ago, I'm bustin' to eat some different things with my buddy Jesselyn. I'm not talking about Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods. I don't feel like eating sheep intestine topped with toasted grubs. I am, however, watching a lot of No Reservations these days and I just love the way Tony Bourdain goes for the off-beatly tasty. I like that he's big on the pig and not afraid to eat different cuts of meat.

To that end, it was a cold, rainy day today. I took Sonny Jim down to the St. Lawrence Market and I wanted to buy something unusual that would be palatable and not cost more than $20.00. Here's what I found:
Yes. It's the old family favourite: caribou & fig pate. After I post this, I'm going to ask Ken if he wants to check it out with me. Note the price per kilo: $45.99. Don't ask me the price per pound - I'm too tired to convert to non-metric.
I'm pretty sure caribou are plentiful, but I do feel somewhat guilty. Maybe this is why:

My carbon footprint is now the size of RuPaul's stiletto. This fruit is called carica and yes, it comes from Chile. It was good. Kind of a cross between mango and papaya. Duncan liked it. He had it on a slice of baguette. Oh kids.
These artisan crisps are just plain tasty. Anything Ace Bakery makes is addictive.
Currently working its way through my lower intestine. Thanks for reading. Goodnight!


  1. So, um how was the pate? I guess Im not an adventurous eater which embarrasses me I have to admit. I watch that show too... and want to be, I really do. And compared to the rest of my family I actually am, granted thats not saying much.

    But, caribou and fig huh?

    Can you just pass me a cheeseburger?

  2. The caribou was real tasty. Even Duncan liked it. I felt very Canadian eating it. C'mon CSM. Come to the Great White North and we'll have you eating moose in no time. LOL


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