Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Judging by the TTC streetcar, this commercial was filmed in Toronto, so I'm hoping it will be a first for many of you. This is now an old commercial, but it still cracks me up. The actor is hilarious, as is the woman who plays his wife. The expression on her face when she's trying to pull off his jeans kills me.

I remember squeezing into my Roadrunner "designer" jeans. Does anyone else remember this golden age of tight jeans?


  1. That is hilarious! I remember back in the late 70's having to lay on the bed and suck in to get my Chemin De Fer jeans buttoned up. It is a miracle that the button didn't pop off and take someone's eye out. Good times! Good times indeed!

  2. That one always cracked me up! I like the one with the hair too.

  3. I love this commercial. And I remember the tight jeans -- the reason many men are sterile now-a-days!!!

  4. That was hysterical and I've never seen it before :) Your a hoot


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