Friday, March 19, 2010

Grim Pickings at Goodwill

We made a covert trip to Goodwill today to offload toys that Duncan either doesn't need or use. I noticed the 50% Off Sale Today sign, so I had to have a peep inside. It was pretty dire. No Pyrex (except for cups and saucers that I didn't love or need), no funky stuff for the house - no nothin' - just huge lineups of ham-fisted shoppers shoving their way around with shopping carts filled with clothes. Like a fool, I did find some things. This meant I'd have to stand in the jumbo line to cash out. I got Duncan a cool Afrofest t-shirt for .99, I bought two spooky chapter books for my class, a workbook for Duncan and this...
A twee print of sparrows. The glass needs cleaning up. I'll likely hang it in my classroom.
It seems old-ish, but not super old. I liked that it came from London. I got everything for $4.00. Not bad, but not thrilling either.


  1. I have been so disappointed with GW lately, the prices seem sky high!! That said I do think the print of the birds is really cute!

  2. I guess we need the not so lucky days at Goodwill to appreciate the good ones. Also, our houses would probably be overflowing if we got lucky every time! Cute sparrow print!

  3. Thanks for the comments. Yes, the little sparrows were so sweet that I should have just been grateful for that and not so cranky about the rest of it all. My thoughts.

  4. That looks like a good find to me! I have a framed cat drawing in my kitchen from GW that I love :)


  5. The bird print was definitely worth standing in line for. I want to scan it, put it on fabric and quilt it. It's that good!

  6. Got quite a good find at GW today..great big white Pyrex mixing bowl with a pattern that looks a bit like cross-stitch. Not sure what vintage. Paid $2.99!

  7. GW is brutal on 50% off days! I stay away unless I am already in the area.


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