Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pyrex Jackpot - Hello Seventies Dating Show Game Floral Pattern

I've been very patient. I've paid dearly for a dinky Pyrex mushroom bowl and I carried a quiet dignity as I saw fit to find the good in a clear Pyrex mini casserole dish. But deep down, all was not well. All I wanted was a cheap thrill in the form of a useful bowl in a bright colour. Was that too much to ask? Apparently not.

Today, I walked into the Goodwill near my parents' home in St. Catharines. I made a bee-line for the place where they stash their kitchen goods. It was here that I was finally rewarded for being such a patient lady. My joy can only be summed up by the Lord of the Dance's solo. Dance Michael - Dance! Work those leather pants.

Here's what I found: A totally seventies Dating Show Game floral patterned Pyrex mixing bowl. The price? $2.00!!! Take that over-priced Toronto thrift stores.

It's got a few dark scuffs. I'm not sure if I can buff them off without damaging the finish. Vonlipi, what is your cleaning secret again?

Still, the bowl looks cheerful and swell outside in the late Canadian winter.

It looks great from all angles.

Here it is in the sultry half-light of the fading afternoon sun. Oh Pyrex, come hither.

I also discovered this beauty: another Pyrex mixing bowl in jade. Such a pretty colour.

It looks small in the picture, but I'd classify it as a medium-size bowl.

What makes me happy? Seeing the Pyrex logo with a cheap price sticker beside it. Can you believe that this beauty of a bowl cost less than a venti chai latte at Starbucks?

Junior was happy for me too.

Arrrh! Let's whip some cream Mom!

To top it all off, before I left Goodwill, I discovered these pretty little Made in Japan floral thingys. I'm not sure if they are meant to hold tea lights. I don't even know if they had tea lights in the Made in Japan era. They'll look pretty in a spring arrangement. They were $3.00 each. The colours are still bold.


  1. Oh I am so happy for you finding Pyrex today! I also had the most fabulous luck with some Pyrex and was doing the happy dance myself! It's amazing how one day your out of luck, the next you hit the jackpot!

  2. Linda, do you have a blog? If you do and I didn't realize one of my favourite blogs belongs to you, if I've been blind to it or if I've mistaken it for someone else's (I mixed up Crazy Suburban Mom and Mom Wald, so anything is possible), please let me know. If you don't - you should have a blog. It's so easy and so much fun. I'd love to see your stash.
    I always love reading your comments here and on other blogs.
    All the best,

  3. Yay for Pyrex! I LOVE that green bowl! I thin iv tracked down one of the big yellow mixing bowls but its selling for $30 and thats kinda steep...

  4. Gosh Linda. I feel like such a fool and a half. I just clicked on your name and Doh! - I discovered your beautiful blog. I'll be a regular and I'm linking you. You should have sent me a cyber bonk on the head for not noticing this earlier. We have a cat that looks like your kitty too.
    Much love,

  5. Erin so glad you found my blog. I also think we are much alike! We will be bloggy buddies forever now!

    Linda @ A La Carte

  6. What a cute bowl and at an awesome price. Way to go!!! With luck like that, you had better load up the car and head to Las Vegas right away. There is a jackpot waiting for you.

  7. Oh you lucky girl! I love the sunny yellow bowl. Pyrex is so expensive here that I will do a Michael Flatley dance when I finally find a bargain!
    Happy Sunday!

  8. Ha! Yes, we'd all go through "feet o' flames" for some pretty, well-priced Pyrex.

  9. OoooH a Daisy bowl! I never see this pattern in Quebec! What I use to clean is some Bar Keeper's friend that I buy in the U.S. Do they sell some in Ontario? I've hear that if you make a paste of baking soda it works wonders. But you need to be really gentle or you'll remove the design...and we wouldn't want that!lol The green bowl is a fab find too.

  10. Nothing like good ol' Pyrex sunshine to perk up these gray March days. Bravo!

  11. I know this is a super old post, but thought I would chime in. The green pyrex bowl is part of a set of 4 (and you probably already know that, but if you don't...) Blue (smallest one) then red, then green and last the largest is yellow. I grew up with the set and we always used the big yellow on for popcorn. Mom still has the set and it is still loved and used. Do a quick internet search on "vintage pyrex bowl wet" and you can see the full set.


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