Monday, March 8, 2010

More Pyrex and the Good Thief

First off - welcome to my latest follower Pam. I haven't even had a chance to check out if you have a blog I can link, but I will do so later. Thanks so much. Also, please check out Linda's fab blog A La Carte, linked to the right. She's such a loyal follower of this blog and for some silly reason I failed to check if she has a blog. Thanks again, Linda. Look out for my song of the week below.
As you can see, my Pyrex lucky streak keeps on streakin'. I took Duncan to the park yesterday. We were going to meet my husband near the park, but we became so cold that we had to take shelter at the Value Village on Danforth. Who would have thought that on a Sunday night I'd find this sweet little Pyrex bowl for $2.99? It looks early eighties to me, but I could be wrong. I'll have to look on the Pyrex site later.
For .49 I couldn't resist this The Good Thief shot glass. I don't drink shots, but I did love this movie. It was Nick Nolte's role of a lifetime. I think someone said that about Jeff Bridges last night with Crazy Heart. I have to see that movie too.

Here's my song of the week #36:
It's the Pretenders with "Night in my Veins." It makes me want to be out on a warm summer's night.


  1. You are finding some Pyrex love these days. That one is cute! I have never heard of that Movie? Good Thief...I will have to check it out. I was so happy for Jeff Bridges. I do like Nick Nolte so this will go on my list. !/2 way to Texas and so tired. Will make it to Houston, TX tomorrow.

  2. Lucky Pyrex Thief! So you're the one sucking all the Pyrex west of Ottawa!!! LOL This pattern is called Old Orchard and was introduced in the 60's.

    I hope don't mind my Pyrex know-it-all-itis.

  3. Vonlipi, I love that you know it all about Pyrex. One day I hope to stumble upon an extremely rare piece that will stump you good and proper. Ha!

  4. I think I figured out how to post a comment! This is Pam your latest follower. LOVE your blog and all of your finds. I haven't started a blog yet (scared) but I am seriously thinking about it! I am from Minnesota so I can't get out to any good sales yet but I am ready! Thanks so much Pam

  5. Erin, I have a mixing bowl of the same pattern! I got it from the GW on Leaside, about a yr ago.

    Vonlipi, Old Orchard, 60s, eh?? Nice to know that.

    - Kay


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