Saturday, July 31, 2010

Crock Pot Love

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Look, a modern crock pot. I'm so out of the loop.


I set off an avalanche of wisdom from crock pot enthusiasts after my last post. I'm happy that crock pots never went away and that they are allowing people to make slow, tasty meals without all the fussing by the stove.

The fact that I didn't know crock pots are still in use says the following about me (all true):
1. I'm not a natural cook. I can make about five things well but otherwise need a recipe book. Sigh.
2. I don't get out to department stores very often and when I do, I'm usually buying a present for someone.
3. I never got into the whole slow food thing - although I like the idea.
4. I'm afraid of kitchen appliances.
5. I blog without thinking about the "big picture" sometimes.

Anyway, thanks for the great comments. Now I'm thinking I've got to get into crock pot cookin'. Erin
P.S. My husband would never do the "Wow" face (as seen in the commercial below) when he comes in the door and smells delicious food. He might do the "Finally, you made stew" face, but not the "Wow" face. LOL

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