Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jackpot at Value Village

Duncan and I were biking down to the park near the Value Village at Woodbine and Danforth. As luck would have it, raindrops started to fall and we took shelter at VV. Sometimes when I'm there, the MUZAK is playing a back-to-back power pack of Air Supply and Celine Dion and I don't find anything. It's like penance for when I climbed up the monkey bars and dropped a toy tractor on Evan's head in the kindergarten playground, which I'm still feeling guilty about to this day. Well, this afternoon, the MUZAK was playing Booker T and the MGs' "Green Onions" and I found myself in Pyrextasy. Yes!
Ok, Volipi. Help a sister out. I did go to Pyrex Love, and I couldn't figure out which pattern this was. I looked under all of the obvious names and colours, but couldn't find this bowl. What is it?
Now I'm wondering if Six Balloons went to the same VV where she recently scored on the Butterprint bowl. This bowl cost me $4.99. I know I'm trying to be frugal with the housekeeping but what's a girl to do?
To all my American, Australian, English friends and others, do your thrift stores bundle up random things and slap a random price on it? I thrift for greeting cards because unless it's a very special occasion, most people spend about one minute looking at the card before going for the gift. Hey, I'm just being eco-minded and thrifty.
The real reason I bought this pack of greeting cards was just to get this wonderful Hallmark card. I will frame it for Duncan's room. It's got a real 1960s old west boy's bedroom look about it that I thought was charming. By that I mean boy's bedroom in the sixties, not the scene on the card.
I was getting ready to leave, when I noticed this cute vintage gold-rimmed Paris drinking glass. All glasses are .99 unless otherwise marked. This wasn't otherwise mark.

And then I noticed Madrid...
and London...
Athens, Greece...
Bombay, India...
Havana, Cuba...
and the Hague, Netherlands. I thought they were the most charming glasses ever and they were all in perfect condition. What did I do to deserve such a haul? I'm a grateful thrifter.

Hope you hit the jackpot too today.
Your thrifty pal,


  1. Erin you did hit the jackpot! Those glasses are a real find! The Pyrex is very cool, I'm sure Vonlipi can help you. My thrifts do bundle up random stuff and sometimes it is a real bargain! I love that card and it will be cute framed. All in All good day!!

  2. Linda,
    I always love your comments. I think you deserve an award for the bounty of great comments you leave on everyone's blog. You've got so many followers and you could be some arrogant blogger who knows her blog rules and just not care about the little people - but you do!
    I read your comments on other blogs and they always put a smile on my face.
    Rock on!

  3. Fabulous glasses. Jealous!! Love the pyrex too. Re your question, I can't say I've noticed charity shops round here bundling random stuff up and slapping a random price on them - why ever not! No jackpot for me at today's jumble - lean pickings - should have got mr j and p to wear his lucky undies....(but that's another story).

  4. Oh yay! those glasses are to die em :)

  5. Darling! You can't find the pattern because it's not a Pyrex!

    Pyrex has always the same shape. I think this is a Federal glass bowl. Is there a big F on the bottom surrounded by a crest? If so Federal. The pattern is probably Utensils or something like that.

    If I get involved in the Pyrex Maniacs can I still blog about Pyrex on my own?

    I love those oh so tackylicious glasses!

  6. The bowl is great, but the glasses are wow, wow, wow!!!

    Random things, no. They should though, they pile them in a bin to get ruined.

  7. Those glasses are awesome! I had to look them up:

  8. Nope, charity shops here tend to sell items one at a time and they cull out all the 'goodies' and pitch them. I love a big bag of randomness myself...

    I adore those glasses...what a find!

  9. EEk!! Those glasses are fab! They remind me of the Miroslav Sasek series of books "This is..." And great pyrex find!

  10. Wow, thanks for all the info. I just assumed it was Pyrex, so I didn't take the price sticker off the bottom (oops). I'll go check now. It so looks like Pyrex, but Vonlipi, you really know your stuff.

    Yes, Vonlipi, everyone still blogs about their stuff, but this would be a kind of "one stop shopping" blog for everyone to just share and discuss Pyrex. You are really needed.

    Thanks BH for the glass sites. You really know your stuff too.

    Bye for now,

  11. You did hit the jackpot - those glasses are FABULOUS!!

  12. I had a set of 6 of these till yesterday. Now I have a set of 5. "Athens" broke. I was putting it away and it tumbled off the shelf. I swear I had placed it back from the edge.


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