Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shake, Rattle and Roll at the Legion

Just got back from the Legion's yard sale. It's been so long! Last year, I discovered creepy curiosities such as boxes of maxi pads from the eighties. This year, it was more of a straight forward affair: lot's of elderly people standing around smoking and odds and ends priced to sell. Woo-hoo!
On my first walk around, I missed this unremarkable bashed box. When I came back, I caught a better look.
Awwww yeah, it's a seventies cocktail shaker, unused and still in the original box dated 1976 - the beginning of the golden era of ABBA.
Which one would be inside? Please be the orange one, please be the orange one...
Oh fiddlesticks, it's not the orange one, but it's still a beautiful shaker with groovy seventies artistic embellishments and some handy cocktail recipes. Who's ever heard of the Rob Roy? I can just imagine some party scene with women in big floppy floor-length skirts. "I asked for a William Wallace, not a Rob Roy!"
The best part? It cost .50! That's good cocktail value for money.
I fell in love with this slightly tattered house box. It's signed on the inside by the person who made it.
It only cost $1.00. I think I'll keep extra pencils in it for my students next year.
In a clear, produce bag, I noticed some Christmas decorations. For .50 I got this funky reindeer on a heavy chain...
and these two awesome Mexican folk art Christmas tree decorations. I collect Mexican folk art. What are the chances of this happing?
Hope you enjoyed and hope you're having fun thrifting today.


  1. You got some fun finds. Love the cocktail shaker! Sigh...I was hoping for the orange one for you!! Cute Christmas decorations! Great prices.

  2. Love the cocktail shaker and such a good deal! :)

  3. Love the image you "painted"! I like the idea that it has the recipes on it. It's for people who don'th have a clue, like me! Or maybe someone who's already had a few.

    Glad the sale was better this year!

  4. Fun cocktail shaker...we have a few retro ones too. TOmorrow my party is will be going on...hope to see you. Debbie


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