Saturday, July 31, 2010

Slim Pickins at Value Village on Bloor St. West

We started off the day going for a stroll through beautiful High Park in the west end of town. Check out the beautiful baby white deer below. I wanted to snuggle with them.

We later went to Value Village on Bloor Street West. It's a huge store, but alas, nothing funky, nothing vintage. I've been there before and it was the same. It must be a popular haunt for people on the lookout. I did get these fun jack-o-lantern cake tins. The cupcake tins were $2.49 and the cake tin was $1.99. I LOVE Halloween!
I like the How and Why Wonder books from my childhood. This fall, I'm starting my Science unit teaching about water. Children's books are .99 at Value Village. If you buy four, they give you one free. Not bad, but I remember not so long ago when they charged .49 each. "And that was a lot of money in those days. Arrrrrr!"
The illustrations are so pretty.
And the water cycle cannot be updated. I hate the way old books are looked down upon by teachers as if they're all just outdated, musty, and politically incorrect. This is not always the case.
Hope you had a better haul than myself.


  1. I like the Halloween cake tins. That will make some cute sweets!

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