Friday, July 16, 2010

Pyrex and a Coffee "Break"

Before I get to my thrifted goodies, I thought I'd share a picture of this unusual house down Coxwell Avenue (near Dundas). It's not too far from where we live. I pass it every time I cycle down to the lake and I've always meant to take a picture of it. Last night I got my chance.
I popped into Value Village on Danforth today. I'm always buying books for Duncan and/or my class. I got these three books for .99 each.
I'm going to share this book on amazing Depression-era photographer Dorothea Lang, with my students next year.
I love the way the author and publisher didn't shy away from creating a children's book on Lang. In the picture above and below, kids can see the before and after effects of the stock market crash of 1929.

Lang, pictured above.
I find Lang's pictures, especially her portraits of children to be heartbreaking and beautiful all at once. It's hard not to become emotional looking at these photographs.
Onto a very different subject: Pyrex. I saw this bowl and had to have it for $2.99.
So elegant and practical.
Just before the end of the school year, my beloved Bodum, which was a gift from my parents, was accidentally broken in my classroom. A student went behind my desk (which he wasn't supposed to without asking), ironically to get the broom and dustpan. The broom caught on my Bodum and "crash" it went. The student felt very guilty as did I for having something breakable in the classroom. I guessed my guilt cancelled out his.

I got this chi-chi Italian coffee press for $4.99. It doesn't even look like it's been used. Sweet!
See? $4.99 - I wasn't making that up.
Here's a cute little cup I got at Goodwill last week but forgot to photograph. It's covered in sixties-style cartoony houses and it was made in Germany - so you know it's gotta be good.
I also bought this pretty bird pillowslip for .99. It looks like two hankies sewn together.


  1. Wonderful finds but I do admit my fav is the blue and white Pyrex bowl.

  2. I love the illustrations on that mug! Nice score with the press too-- it's nice to find 'useful' things at the thrift for cheap isn't it? :)

  3. I found the twin to your blue Pyrex this week too! I'm up at butt crack o'clock to have our own garage sale today. Wish me luck!

  4. Thanks for the comments, ladies.
    "Go Bounty Huntress, go! Work that butt crack!!"

  5. Oooh! Colonial mist! Yes that's the pattern's name...It's from the 80's, one of the last patterns that made.It took me forever to find the 401!

    Love that Bodum too! They make the BEST coffee! We have a couple at home!

  6. OMG. What a great chant you concocted! :)


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