Tuesday, July 6, 2010

English Pyrex & Bad Mom

Is it wrong to love a gravy boat so much?

Thanks to the keen sleuthing skills of Vonlipi, I've been able to find out a little bit of info on the JAJ logo on the bottom of my recently acquired gravy boat from the Goodwill in St. Catharines.
Here's what it says on Pyrex Love:
JAJ = James A Jobling, who acquired the rights from Corning to produce Pyrex in Sunderland. His initials stamp, along with the Crown symbol means it is Pyrex that was made in England. It’s sometimes also called “Crown” pyrex. It is rather rare to find these pieces in the U.S., though I’m told they are plentiful in Britain.

Now, I must go and wash dishes. We're having a heat wave in Toronto and I've been putting off washing dishes for a couple of days. Last night, Duncan needed a bowl for his ice cream ball. I told him to get one from the cupboard.
"There aren't any."
"Then get one from the drying rack in the kitchen."
"There aren't any clean bowls."
"Yes there are. Just look hard."
The poor boy returns holding a melting ice cream ball in one hand and a humongous stainless steal mixing bowl in the other.
"Can I use this?"
Bad mom.


  1. That Vonlipi is amazing. If anyone would find out it would be her. Great info and how cool, English Pyrex!!!

  2. OOOHHH! Bad sweating mommy! Don't you have ice cream cones? You don't need to wash those....LOL

    It is really hot here too! So hot that I'm REAL eager to go and work at Shopper's Drug Mart everyday. It's freezing behing the postal counter!

    Ladies thanks for thinking I'm amazing. I relly appreciate that :)

  3. Vonlipi knows her Stuff!
    The Pyrex Queen!

    This was refreshing!


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