Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Few Weekend Finds

I was hoping to hit many garage sales in St. Catharines on Saturday, but as it was a semi-holiday weekend, many people had taken off or decided not to hold yard sales. I bought a few teacherly things, which I'll share on my Foolscap Flyer blog later on. I also got a repro tavern sign, you'll see below. Dejected by the lack of goodies in my satchel, I asked my dad if we could drive to the Goodwill down the hill from where they live. There, I bought this gorgeous fifties or sixties woven tablecloth for $3.99. It's in good condition.
I love the mishmash of colours.
It's pretty from all sides. Our dining table was filled with teacher clutter from the end of the school year, so I couldn't really open it up and photograph it properly.
Love the textures too.
This tea towel is seriously kitschy in a seventies way, but I loved it all the same for $1.99. I like that they actually printed the designer's name on it. I may give it a good ironing and hang it in my class next year for fun.
Here's the tavern sign. I got it for $1.00. Even if this is a reproduction, it still looks like an old reproduction. Every "hors" likes a nice pint of beer after a hard day's work.

Alright Vonlipi. You know this ain't Pyrex, yet it's Pyrex-esque to be sure. On the back is a crown insignia with JAJ Made in England. Do you know anything about this? I got it at Goodwill for $1.00. I'm surprised Pyrex didn't sue. I still like it a lot.

P.S. To my Ontario readers, the Goodwill in St. Catharines has a big NO HST sign on the front. The guy working cash said he believes that thrift stores will not charge ANY tax on anything because they're selling used goods. If this is true, this is really great news for thrifters in Ontario. Not that we needed an excuse to buy used stuff.



  1. Love the tablecloth. So many colors it will be very versatile. Love that non-pyrex dish...interesting to see what you find out about it.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my place, you really perked up my day.

    Love mouse on your towel, very "Cricket in Times Square".

  3. I think that JAJ had the licence for producing pyrex in England for a while, love the gravy boat!

  4. OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! Erin, JAJ is english Pyrex!

    So this is a great find! I've never seen cute JAJ like that in person! COOL!

    The dish towel is really cute also.


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