Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pyrex Blog Full Steam Ahead!

Oh pseudo Pyrex, how you toy with my emotions.

Thanks to the enthusiastic response from my Pyrex loving thrifty pals, I'm going to go ahead this week and set up a Pyrex blog. It may not be until the end of the week that I have it up in its bare bones stage.

If there are any takers for designing a banner, let me know. It could just be some of your gorgeous Pyrex sitting on a well-lit table with the blog title which is TBA. Bounty Huntress had some good titles (although I don't know how I'd explain Porno for Pyrex to my mom - LOL) . If there are no takers, I'll try to cobble something together until someone with a pretty, funky, or pretty funky design comes along.

You can post as much or as little as you like. We'll just let it be what it is. I can already think of themes: The piece of Pyrex that made me a collector, my first piece of vintage Pyrex, memories of Pyrex growing up, awkward Pyrex shopping moments (Thrifted Treasure's crash scene?), people who think you're a little weird for obsessing over crockery, etc. You can reprint Pyrex episodes from your blog - whatever. Let's keep it loosey goosey and fun.

That's it. Let me know if you are good with setting up tags and stuff like that that I've never done.

P.S. My pseudo Pyrex (which is not real Pyrex) has nothing stamped on the bottom, so the mystery continues.

Here's some Billy Joel to get us pumped. There's lot's of images from the fifties and sixties, but no overt Pyrex stuff that I can see. I remember not being a Billy Joel fan, but loving this video. "JFK, blown away, what else do I have to say?"

Thanks so much,

*** News update*** Jeni from In Color Order has offered to design the banner. Thanks, Jeni!


  1. Sounds like a great idea! I'd love to play along! :)

    I can help design a banner too if you'd like!

  2. Wow, thanks Jeni. I'll add this as an endnote to the bottom of this post. I love the look of your blog and your photos are amazing.

  3. i think it's a great idea, i meant to say so on your last post.

    feel free to use this picture, if it helps, in your banner. i have a close-up of the print as well. let me know if you can view this or if you'd like another photo...

    ~ ana

    p.s. porno for pyrex lol .. good one angela!

  4. Thanks so much, Ana. Jeni said she'd do the banner, but I'm sure we could use the photo somewhere. That's great.

  5. Love this idea! Sadly have nothing to contribute (yet) but my eyes are peeled for some good additions!

  6. I still believe this is a Federal glass bowl. Do you searck Flickr for answers? It usually helps.

    How will the blog work? Will there be themes each week? Multi admins? Free for all?

  7. So glad someone is designing the banner as I am not a techie!! This will be lots of fun!

  8. Hey Vonlipi,
    I'll do the Fed glass homework you've assigned. Please be gentle when you mark me. Ha!

    I think the blog should be free and flexible. We could do themes from time to time if people are interested.
    Thanks to all once again for the lovely comments. There's so much in my life that stresses me out. This wonderful blogging community gives me so much energy and happiness.

  9. no problem erin :) thanks jeni, looking forward to seeing what you make (no pressure hehe!)



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